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Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan has followed in the footsteps of Mayor Nir Barkat and has called on all citizens to carry their licensed weapons on them.

Ben-Dahan said we need to ensure that all terrorists are shot. He said it is difficult to stop someone who suddenly decides to stab someone with a screwdriver. So they need to know they will be shot in the end.


Ben-Dahan made the statement at the site of the terror attack in Tel Aviv.


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  1. Why is it so difficult to grasp the idea of antisemitism? This isn’t a new concept for us Jews. This has been going on through our history from almost day one. Today is the beginning of a new anti Jewish episode. The Muslims are making a concerted effort to portray the Jews as the aggressor and the fakestinians as the victims. It doesn’t matter if they lie because antisemitism will automatically make those bigots want to believe the lies. It’s time for Israel to do whatever needs to be done to rid the land of the fakestinians and life haters. We are doomed if we don’t, and doomed if we do, so do it now.

  2. The the government needs to allow Israeli Jews who wisheto arm themselves to do so. We had no means of protecting ourselves in the middle of the last century, and that turned out so well. Since it is becoming harder to not admit it, it would appear that the third intifada, which Abba has mentioned, is underway.

  3. This is a war to the death, of one side or the other, is it not? It has been an inevitability, for thousands of years. Who could not know this?

    All who rise up, shall be struck down. Those who maintain the peace, will live. They will come around, eventually, to seeing Hashem themselves.

    What took you so long? Arm every law-abiding Israeli. All of your ex-military, are already ready.

    But gun safety training first, for the rest, is a must.

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