Photo Credit: Israel Channel 1
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat walking around Jerusalem armed with a carbine rifle/gun.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said to Assaf Lieberman on Galei Tzahal,

“Come out today with your licensed guns, for those who know how to use it, that’s what needed right now. In a way, this is like reserve duty.”



Barkat also said that the Muslim groups harassing the Jewish visitors and all provocateurs in general have to be prevented from going up to the Temple Mount.

He called on the government to increase the security in Jerusalem’s schools, past 1:30 PM.

Listen to the full interview with the mayor:


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  1. How would you feel, Jo, if it were those babies in YOUR arms who were being targeted by rocks and firebombs on a daily basis? Don’t pass judgement until you have lived under the constant threat of being murdered as you walk or drive, simply by people who hate you because of your religion. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, surrounded by murderous animals. Go live there and see for yourself.

  2. Jo Dalton you are a blind man illiterate clearly or you eould have read both the bible and your history.
    Now go on teach your children to just as Palestinian children are .indoctrination. .it mesns ..oh never mind..see you on the streets of Tel aviv if you dare..dont worry you will be safe

  3. During the 23 years I lived in Israel – mostly in and around Jerusalem – I neveer stepped outside my home without a weapon, either an M-16, Uzzzi or my Model 29 S&W. And I usually carried that revolver even when I had a long arm slung on my back. It’s always nice to have options handy.

  4. It is the same here in San Francisco. Law-abiding citizens basically cannot have guns in the city, however, the gangs and drug dealers are armed to the teeth. The Israeli government disarming Jews makes not sense. Israel is full of, and is surrounded by, murderous arabs. We had no means to protect ourselves in the 1930s, and that turned out so well. Arm every Jew who wishes to be (with training, of course) and teach children martial arts beginning in grade school. Every attack on a Jew should cost the attacker dearly, or fatally. No questions, no mercy; they have none toward us.

  5. The Mad dog is Islam !!!

    Islam is an Apartheid Death Cult. These genocidal Muslims prove it every day of their Miserable Hate filled Lives.

    For there to be real peace in the world ISLAM has to be destroyed.
    Not elliminated !!!
    But destroyed !!!

    Islam won't go down without a terrible cost !!!

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