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Israel Tax Authority App

Israel Tax Authority on Monday launched a new application that allows the complete submission of annual income reports online. According to a News1 report, as of 2020, Israeli earners will be required to submit annual reports with deductions for tax year 2019 through the new application only.

Through the new application, employers and employees will submit their annual reports online, through the user-friendly app that makes it unnecessary to physically submit the report forms to conclude the submission process.


Tax Authority director Eran Yaakov is set to issue new rules for the submission of online reports, eliminating the need to print and sign them manually. Instead, the completed reports will be sent directly to the ITA, following an online verification process.

In order to let users get used to the system, there will be a learning period during 2019, when taxpayers can voluntarily use the new app. When filing the 2018 tax report. According to the report, filing via the app in 2020 for the 2019 tax year will be compulsory.


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