Photo Credit: Sraya Diamant/TPS
Construction project in Neve Menachem neighborhood of Karnei Shomron. June 16, 2019

Construction of a total of 3,144 housing units throughout the areas of Judea and Samaria is expected to begin approval or be approved next week by the government of Israel.

At the same time the government will also approve the construction of almost 200 new homes housing for Palestinian Authority Arabs who live in Area C, where the residents are considered part of the PA, but where Israel is in complete control of security and local civil law enforcement. The planned PA Arab homes in Gush Etzion next to Alon Shvut, Khirbet Beit Zakariyyah, were removed from the list.


The news comes two months after a plan to build just 2,200 new homes was delayed because it did not get the official green light from the Civil Administration as the administrative body did not convene due to a workers’ dispute.

The following is the list of towns and the number of new homes to be approved:

Initial Approvals: 14 plans, 1344 units:

Revava: 399
Kedumim: 380
Elon Moreh: 100
San Sena: 100
Givat Zev: 98
Omerim: 86
Vered Yericho: 45
Karnei Shomron: 27
Givat Zev: 58
Alon Shvut: 18
Hermesh: 7
Tzofim: 0
Tel Menashe: 10
Efrat: 16

Final Approvals: 16 plan approved, 1800 units:

Kfar Etzion: 292
Har Bracha: 286
Alon Shvut: 105
Karnei Shomron: 83
Beit El: 58
Givat Zev: 40
Barkan: 28
Maaleh Michmas: 14
Givat Zev: 2
Talmon: 224
Kfar Adumim: 0
Shama: 20
Alei Zev: 0
Michmas East: 0
Peduel: 20
Eli (Neve Shoham) 628

For PA Arabs in area C, there will be 1303 initial approvals and 170 final approvals.

Bir Elbaasha (east of Mevoh Dotan): 270
Elmaskupa (near Jenin): 233
Metzarah: 270
Dakyaka (Southern Hebron Hills): 200
Kherbet Aaba (near Jenin): 160

Abdallah Yunis (near Katzir): 170

TPS contributed to this report.


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