Photo Credit: IDF
Maher Al-Sayeed Turkman

Israeli security forces overnight Thursday arrested Maher Al-Sayeed Turkman, 50, from Al-Jiftlik village near Jericho, who, together with two others––his son and nephew––attacked a bus carrying Israeli soldiers in the Jordan Valley on September 4, 2022.

One soldier was seriously injured in the attack, and six others sustained lighter wounds.


The three terrorists trailed the bus in a van, caught up with it, and fired at the driver and the IDF recruits onboard. The bus driver, Lauren Morley, 60, was hit by bullets and stopped the bus on the side of the road. The terrorists then poured fuel on the bus, trying to ignite it with the people inside, while continuing to fire.

At that point, the terrorists fired up a Molotov cocktail inside their van and suffered severe burns when the interior caught fire. They fled the burning van and two of them were captured by IDF soldiers and police officers. One of the terrorists eventually died of his burns.

Israeli security forces next to the burnt car belonging to the terrorists at the scene of a shooting attack on a bus on Highway 90 in the Jordan Valley, Sept. 4, 2022. / Flash 90

Turkman is married to a resident of eastern Jerusalem and is an Israeli citizen carrying a blue ID card. He was arrested in Al-Yamun village near Jenin. The forces raided his village early Thursday morning and arrested three other locals.


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