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The Mossad's new Director of the Intelligence Authority

The Mossad announced on Thursday that “A” has assumed the post of Director of the Intelligence Authority (parallel to the Head of the IDF Intelligence Branch), the first woman in the history of the Mossad to hold the office.

“A” has served in the Mossad, at the heart of its intelligence operations for approximately 20 years. The Director of the Intelligence Authority is responsible for formulating the national strategic intelligence picture on a variety of issues, including the Iranian nuclear program, global terrorism and normalization with the Arab world. She is also responsible for intelligence regarding all Mossad operations and manages hundreds of employees in the collection, research and analysis of intelligence.


It is without precedent that intelligence in the Mossad is currently managed by two women, “A” and her deputy “H”, and is considered as one of the anchors and growth engines of the organization.

The recently-appointed “A”, joins “K”, who serves as Head of the Iran Desk, the chief concern of the organization.

The Head of the Iran Desk is responsible for Mossad strategy in dealing with all aspects of the Iranian threat and for leading the integration of operations, technology and intelligence in the organization together with the IDF and all of the security services.

“K”, also an intelligence veteran, currently serves in one of the organization’s most senior, significant and influential positions.

Mossad Director David Barnea emphasized that, “As soon as one enters the gates of the organization, there is complete equality between men and women. Many women serve in all roles in operations, as agents and operators of agents, and are integrated into the core of operations and intelligence, with talent, professionalism and energy. The door to advancement to the most senior ranks is open to men and women alike, according to their suitability and their talents.” He added: “It is important for the Mossad, as a security organization, that stands at the forefront of operations on behalf of national security, to inform women of the unlimited possibilities for them in the organization, and to be an example for other security organizations regarding the integration of women into key roles.”

The foregoing may be seen in the recent appointment of two additional women as branch deputy directors. “H” was appointed Deputy Head of the Intelligence Authority and “Y” was appointed Deputy Head of Human Resources. Four women currently serve in the Mossad senior command, known as the Forum of Branch Heads.

The representation of women as branch heads (parallel to brigadier-general) has grown in recent years. “A”, a branch head in one of the technology bodies, who received the Israel Security Prize at a ceremony held approximately two months ago, said at the ceremony (see attached photo; credit – Defense Ministry Spokesperson): “I will utilize this distinguished platform to call on women to realize their potential and influence in the security establishment and the combat or technological units in particular, in order to continue making their mark.”

It should be emphasized that the most senior Mossad position filled by a woman was approximately 30 years ago when Aliza Magen served as Deputy Director of the organization. Since then several women have been appointed to senior positions in the Forum of Branch Heads; however, women have never before held the positions of Head of the Iran Desk and Head of the Intelligence Authority.

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