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Robert Malley

Malley’s identification of Israel as the cause of the Camp David failure has been widely embraced by Palestinian and Arab activists around the world.

Malley’s account of the Camp David negotiations is entirely inconsistent with the recollections of the key figures who participated in those talks, most notably then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, U.S. President Bill Clinton, and U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross (Clinton’s Middle East envoy).


Malley has been a member of J Street‘s advisory council for a number of years.


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  1. Obama is Israel’s chief enemy. Voters there who propose to vote Left to maintain U.S./Israel relationship don’t understand Obama, the U.S., do so at their own peril. If they win, Israel will be forced to give up all territory Obama wants returned…with NO faithful promise of helping Israel defend its truncated country. No one, but a Leftist moron would ever trust his country to Obama/Kerry/U.S. Military. The first two HATE Israel and Jews, and the last have no integrity, honor, or courage when advising the president.

  2. This appointment is so horrible that it confirms once and for all, in case there are still any out there who need to be convinced, the deep loathing that Obama has for Israel and his love of the Islamists.

  3. People can complain about Bush all they want, if theres one thing you can say about his presidency is that the world was a safer place, globally America might of had a bad image, but it had an image that kept a vicious world in check, sure lives were lost, but at least it counted for something.

    Obama threw it all away, all the Lives, money, and effort was for nothing when he pulled out of Iraq, armed terrorists in Libya, ousted an ally in Mubarak and supported armed terrorists Egypt, abandoned the Syrian people in there plight for democracy, and allowed Syria to descend into chaos, which created a hotbed for terrorist groups to flourish.

    And what does he do?? Promotes his adviser…

  4. A bunch of islamists run the administration, whats one more going to change ?The only consolation is that every day that goes by is a day less for this administration to stay in office.

  5. I'm not surprised. Obama continues to be the most anti-semitic president so far. I was going to say since Carter, but… this is mild compared to his other antics.

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