Photo Credit: Courtesy United Hatzalah
Scene of the dropped metal rod in Meah Shearim

An iron bar that fell from a crane in Mea She’arim Street in Jerusalem seriously injured a Chassidic man, 25, visiting from the US, who passed by.

The young man got engaged only a week ago.


Workers were on the building’s roof at the time, constructing a storage room, and it is assumed their negligence resulted in the dropped metal bar. The workers were detained by police for interrogation.

Jerusalem United Hatzalah emergency medical volunteers with the help of the crew of a Hatzalah intensive care unit provided initial medical treatment to the young man who was moderately to severely injured.

Eli Bir, president of United Hatzalah, who drove the intensive care ambulance, reported: “When I arrived at the scene together with other paramedics who live nearby, we administered first-aid to a young man who was passing by and was hit by an iron bar that fell from a crane. The injured person, who suffered injuries to his head and upper body, was evacuated in the intensive care unit to receive medical treatment in the hospital.”

MDA reported that “at 11:24 PM, a report was received at Magen David Adom 101 center in the Jerusalem area about a man whose head had been hit when he was walking past a construction site on Mea Shearim Street in Jerusalem. MDA and other paramedics provided medical treatment and evacuated the man to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center under anesthesia and artificial respiration. The man is in serious condition, with head injuries.”


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