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The Rain brings down a section of Jerusalem's separation wall

As a result of the large rainfall and strong water flow in the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem, on Thursday part of the security wall in the area collapsed as the drainage infrastructure in the eastern part of Jerusalem did not withstand the pressure, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported. Border Police forces were summoned to the scene after disturbances had broken out at the site.


Police reported the disturbances at the broken section of the wall involved dozens of rioters who threw stones at the Border Police officers, who responded with riot control measures.

Police stressed that the forces fenced off the scene in order to remove curious civilians and prevent the entry of PA Arabs through the opening in the security wall.

Defense establishment experts were also summoned to the breach, to examine the damage and initiate the necessary repairs.

In other locations in Jerusalem, streets were flooded and several vehicles required rescue.

The Police asked the public repeatedly to stay away from locations with flash floods, as well as locations where security forces are carrying out weather-related operations, because it “could endanger the lives of the curious and interfere with the activity of the forces.”


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