Kinneret Rising

The Kinneret rose 2 centimeters and is currently 209.98 meters below sea level. 

Israel Dispatches Aid to Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, in Wake of Hurricane Eta

Hurricane Eta, a Category 4 hurricane that killed at least 178 people and left hundreds missing, caused severe damage to the countries of the region, to the road infrastructure and agriculture, and left thousands of refugees in its wake.

First Responders Assist Ashdod Flood Victims

United Hatzalah volunteers have been responding to emergency calls for help throughout the city since the early hours of the morning Wednesday.

Jerusalem Deploys Sheep to Fight Fires, Terror-Arson Suspected in Central Israel

The heat wave and terror-arsonists have been responsible for some large fires in Israel.

Israel Experiencing an Unprecedented Heat Wave

The Sea of Galilee reached a whopping 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unusual: Israel Experienced 828 Lightning Strikes on Tuesday

Israel experienced an unbelievable spike in the number of times lightning struck the country, amid unseasonably cold and wet weather.

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Crete; Also Felt in Israel

The quake was also felt in Israel, particularly in coastal communities.

Kinneret Expected to Fill Up, Dam to Open, in Early May

Experts are now expecting that in the first week of May the Degania Dam will be opened to prevent flooding.

Kinneret Just 15.7 Inches Short of Completely Full

With extreme drought conditions continuing to intensify, the government of Israel approved a plan in 2018 to pump desalinated water into the lake.

Good Morning, Kinneret Water Level Just 12.2 Inches from Full

The Kinneret is always at risk of becoming irreversibly salinized by the salt water springs under the lake, which are held in check by the weight of the freshwater on top of them.

A Storm is Brewing in Israel (Close the Windows)

If you were planning on a moonlight hike in the Judean Desert or in the Negev – forget it. Don’t do it.

Kinneret Still Filling Up Regardless of Lull in Rains

Today and tomorrow are expected to be clear, but the weekend will see the rains returning.

Kinneret Only 35 Inches from Becoming Full Again

Heavy snow fell on the Hermon mountain overnight, adding 15 centimeters (6 inches) of snow to its lower level, just in time for the thaw. 

Stunning: Israel’s Southern Canyons after the Floods

I am so grateful to Oded Sahar of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority for these images. I could stare at them for hours.

Watch: Kinneret on the Boardwalk

The rains have raised the Kinneret high enough to splash onto the Tiberias boardwalk - for the first time since 1992.

Abundance of Blessings as Water Level Rises Steadily in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

The water level of the lake is now standing at just four feet from full capacity.

Israelis Brave Gaza Rockets to Visit their Kalaniot

Over the weekend, Israelis flocked to the western Negev, to grab an eyeful of the annual miracle of the return of the Kalaniot – the red Anemone which paint the desert red each winter after the big rains.

Watch: After Dry Decade, Roman Spring in Tiberias Hot Baths Came Back Thanks to...

Hammat Tiberias is an archaeological site of thermal baths located in the city of Tiberias.

Kinneret Water Level Up 3.15 Inches Since Friday

The current water level is 2.59 meters higher than the lower red line.

On Tuesday: Forget the Snow, Look at the Rainbows

Despite all the cold emanating from the weather report, I chose to share with you the rainbow pictures we received from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority this morning.

F-16s Turn Submarine After Rains Flood Air Force Base (Updated)

The IDF censor attempted to squelch reports of the damage after two hangers and the air force base became flooded with 50 million liters of rain.

Hamas: Israeli Army ‘Makes Large Amounts of Rainwater to Flood Gaza Crops’

“Every year, the occupation state deliberately and all of a sudden opens its dams to flood Palestinian agricultural lands, which causes severe losses.”

Kinneret Up One Meter Since Winter’s Start

More than half that volume of water came from just the past 5 days of rain.

Israel Under Water

Here's a collection of particularly unusual images.

Record-Breaking Rainfall Creates Blessing, Havoc Across Israel

"Moti did not think twice and jumped into the current to save a family he did not know, who were in danger of being trapped under the water."

IDF Called In to Help with Deadly Storm Rescue Efforts

National and Municipal rescue teams scrambled all across the country to rescue people trapped in the floods.

Nahariya: Man Drowns in Flood While Saving Mother and Child

This is the fifth person to die of drowning caused by the deluge that Israel has been experiencing in the past week.


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