On Tuesday: Forget the Snow, Look at the Rainbows

Despite all the cold emanating from the weather report, I chose to share with you the rainbow pictures we received from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority this morning.

F-16s Turn Submarine After Rains Flood Air Force Base (Updated)

The IDF censor attempted to squelch reports of the damage after two hangers and the air force base became flooded with 50 million liters of rain.

Hamas: Israeli Army ‘Makes Large Amounts of Rainwater to Flood Gaza Crops’

“Every year, the occupation state deliberately and all of a sudden opens its dams to flood Palestinian agricultural lands, which causes severe losses.”

Kinneret Up One Meter Since Winter’s Start

More than half that volume of water came from just the past 5 days of rain.

Israel Under Water

Here's a collection of particularly unusual images.

Record-Breaking Rainfall Creates Blessing, Havoc Across Israel

"Moti did not think twice and jumped into the current to save a family he did not know, who were in danger of being trapped under the water."

IDF Called In to Help with Deadly Storm Rescue Efforts

National and Municipal rescue teams scrambled all across the country to rescue people trapped in the floods.

Nahariya: Man Drowns in Flood While Saving Mother and Child

This is the fifth person to die of drowning caused by the deluge that Israel has been experiencing in the past week.

One Man Dies, More Injured in Puerto Rico Earthquakes

A first5.8-magnitude quake on Monday destroyed five homes and damaged many more.

Good News: Water Still Rising at Lake Kinneret

On Sunday, Jan. 5 2020, the level of the lake stood at 211.48 meters below sea level, just about halfway between the upper and lower red lines.

Israel’s Stormy Weather Prompts Lifesaving Rescues and Alert from Israel Police

In any emergency on the road and in general - call the Israel Police 100 hotline as soon as possible.

Tragedy in Tel Aviv: 2 Israelis Drown in Flooded Tel Aviv Elevator

The incident took place at a residential building on Nadav Street in Tel Aviv, where rain caused flooding all around the city.

Bar Ilan Physicists Forecast Another Devastating El Niño in 2020

The team is currently expanding the algorithm in order to be able to forecast the strength and length of the weather phenomenon in the future.

Israel is Blessed with Winter Rain: Water Level Rising in Lake Kinneret

The water level is now standing at 211.77 meters, just 2.8 meters from the top red line.

Old Jewish Cemetery in Beirut Devastated by Storm

The collapsed wall has revealed fallen tombstones with Hebrew writing on them, which can be seen from the street.

Ashkelon under Water, Residents Sail in Kayak on Hanamer Street

“There was water in the closets, in the beds, in the downstairs unit. Objects were floating."

Lightning Strikes Man in Northern Israel

The man was sedated and placed on a respirator before being rushed to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

Two Children Hurt by Falling Palm Tree in Sharon Region

The incident occurred in Kibbutz Bahan, located near the coastal city of Netanya north of Tel Aviv.

Hiking Trails Closing Ahead of Dangerous Weather Forecasts

Meteorologists say the incoming weather system is expected to further reduce humidity and bring stronger winds. Brush fire warnings have been raised as well.

Record Heat Wave Warms Israelis in November

The unusually long heat wave that blanketed Israel in November 2010 lasted for nearly three weeks.

Dean, Counselor, Charged with Manslaughter in Flash-Flood Disaster that Killed 10 Students

Dean Cahan sent reassuring messages saying: "At worst, they'll get to see a flash flood, which would be great."

Watch: Viper Escaping The Zin River Flood

This terrified venomous Ef'eh was crawling for his life away from the gushing flood waters.

100 Wildfires in Lebanon Finally Quenched by Rain Storms

Lebanon did not ask its closest neighbor, Israel, for help, nor did Israel offer any assistance.

Five Family Members Hurt in Lightning Strike at Zikim Beach

The father of the family has asked the public to please pray for the safety and complete recovery of Efrat bat Sarah, Elhanan ben Mazal and Asher ben Mazal.

First Rain of the Season Arrives in Israel

It was a surprise shower for most Israelis, who were expecting a clear day.

‘The Rains in Their Season’ A Bit Early This Year

Tuesday is Election Day and the weather is expected to be sunny and clear, with the temperature a bit warmer.

IsraAID Coordinating Efforts in Bahamas with Local Rescue Teams

Hurricane Dorian was the most powerful hurricane to hit the Bahamas in the country's history.

Dorian Returns to Category 3 Hurricane, Churns Up Atlantic Coast

At least 20 people have died in the Bahamas as a result of the devastation wreaked by Dorian, and the death toll is expected to rise as rescuers continue their work.

IsraAid Prepares to Fly to Support Hurricane-Slashed Bahamas

IsraAID’s Emergency Response team will initially distribute urgent relief supplies, offer psychological first aid and deploy water filters to restore access to drinking water.

Monster Hurricane Dorian Slams Bahamas; US is Next

Just before the hurricane hit the Bahamas, one hardy soul engraved in the sand a message: "Send Beer."


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