Photo Credit: IDF
IDF raid (archive)

IDF, Border Police and Israel Police forces overnight detained 19 wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and violent disturbances against civilians in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley, the IDF Spokesperson reported late Monday night. The suspects were transferred to interrogation locations.

In addition, as part of the campaign against money used for terrorism, during the searches conducted by IDF soldiers and Border Police forces in the area of the Binyamin and Ezion brigades, the forces seized terrorist funds worth tens of thousands of shekels.


In case you’re curious, the Ma’an news agency published a more detailed list of the suspects who were picked up overnight, and some of the circumstances of their arrests (الاحتلال يعتقل 19 مواطنا ويستولي على الآلاف الشواقل)

According to local sources, the Israeli forces arrested Talal Ghneimat and Ahmad Samih Ghneimat from their home in the Abu Shouk area in Surif, north-west of Hebron, and confiscated three vehicles. They also arrested two residents of Beit Awwa and Kharsa village, southwest of Hebron.

Israeli forces raided the town of Beit ‘Awwa and arrested Zaid Nabil al-Masalma.

Other detainees:

1. Hamouda Shouli Aseira

2. Fares Shouli

3. Fares Shouli

4. Bassam Shouli

5. Fares Shuli

6. Muthanna Shouli

7. Mohamed Solma

9. Mahmoud Nayef Slawadi

10. Issam Waleed Ghanem

11. Mahmoud Khaled Damdoum

12. Mohsen As’ad Thawabta

13. Radhi Salah Tataqqa

14. The boy Akram Mohammed Daddoua

15. The boy Mohamed Jaafar Daddoua

16. Samer Sawafta – Tubas