Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz
Rocket crossing!

2:43 AM The Rocket Alert siren went off in a number of locations in the Jordan Valley region at 2:43 AM on Friday.

Israeli social media is going crazy with people in Modi’in, Jerusalem, and eastern Israel in general saying they heard a loud explosion.


It is unclear yet what they heard explode. The IDF says they are checking.

There is a theory that it was a Patriot missile that was launched to intercept some missiles.

3:15 AM Update: The IDF says they are unaware yet of anything landing inside Israel.

3:21 AM Update: There’s a lot of speculation at this point whether multiple missiles were launched at Israel, and if any landed.

3:52 AM Update: It is now believed that 3 rockets were launched at Israel from Syria at 2:43 AM.

The unconfirmed reports say that two rockets landed in Israel. One rocket landed in Jordan.

As a result of the rocket intercept, there are fires reported in Almog, Kibbutz Harel, Argeman, Mitzpe Yericho, Vered Yericho.

The IDF is expected to make an official announcement in the morning.