Photo Credit: Yehonatan Valtser/TPS
The Knesset building in Jerusalem

A laptop left behind by someone in the Knesset on Tuesday set off a bomb scare (Chefetz Chashud) resulting in a shutdown of one of its wings.

A Knesset spokesperson said in a statement that the Knesset Guard came across a briefcase with no none attending to it at the factions’ wing.


After searching for the owner unsuccessfully, the area was evacuated and a sapper was alerted to the scene.

A dog dispatched to check the bag found it to be containing a laptop, and an all-clear was sounded.

The Knesset has a special security detail, the Mishmar HaKnesset, which is responsible for the security of the Knesset and the protection of Members of Knesset (MKs).