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Padeh-Poriya Medical Center Corona ward staff, Feb. 2, 2021.

Padeh-Poriya Medical Center, located just south of Tveria, on Wednesday reported a record number of Corona patients. Fifth-three patients are hospitalized in the hospital’s two corona wards, of whom 15 are in critical condition, 13 in serious condition, 4 moderate, and 21 mild.

Given the increase in the number of patients, the hospital management decided to open a third Corona ward that can accommodate up to 20 patients.


Padeh-Poriya Director Dr. Erez On said, “Today, unfortunately, we have reached a new peak in the number of patients, most of them in critical or serious condition. In light of the situation, we decided to open a third Corona ward. Our teams have been dealing with a very large load in the last two weeks, and it should be noted that in addition to the number of Corona patients that continues to rise, we are also dealing with a high number of staff members who have fallen ill or are in quarantine, which makes it very difficult for the remaining staff. We are full of appreciation for our team which, despite the difficulties, is dedicated to fighting the pandemic and is dealing with it with great professionalism and devotion.”

Israel’s Health Ministry on Wednesday reported 60,329 new patients who tested positive for the Corona on Tuesday, out of 230,715.

As of Wednesday morning, there are 1,085 patients in serious condition in Israel, 260 of them on ventilators. 8,926 have died from the pandemic in Israel since February 2020.

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