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NY for Trump rally set for 5 pm in Marine Park

An SUV that was taking part in the JewsForTrump vehicle convoy Sunday in Manhattan was attacked by a violent anti-Trump mob near Times Square.

The attackers, allegedly members of the “Antifa” group, threw red paint on the SUV and other vehicles and ripped off their JewsForTrump flags. When the driver and passengers exited the vehicles, they attacked them, punching them and kicking them.


A large police contingent of police arrived to stop the violence. Several arrests were made, sources said.

In addition to the attacks in Manhattan, a gang of thugs in Brooklyn hurled rocks at drivers from an overlook on the Prospect Expressway as the convoy passed underneath.

An attacker across on the other side of the highway threw eggs at the convoy. However, for some bizarre reason he actually decided to film himself carrying out the criminal activity, and even posted it on Twitter. Behold.

The Jews For Trump convoys traveled through Brooklyn from local neighborhoods like Midwood, Crown Heights and Borough Park, and the borough of Manhattan. But they also came from as far away as Rockland County as well.

All this was taking place before the NY For Trump rally even was set to begin Sunday afternoon at Marine Park in Brooklyn. . .


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