Photo Credit: Quds News Network screengrab via Twitter
Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta extremists visit Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders in Jenin on January 9, 2023

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has called for the deportation to Syria of several members of the extremist Neturei Karta sect.


The anti-Zionist extremists visited the terrorist hotbed of Jenin on Monday to express their solidarity with residents they claim are “suffering from almost daily Israeli military attacks,” the group wrote in a Facebook post.

The delegation “expressed their opposition to the Zionist occupation and clarified that the State of Israel does not represent all Jews,” the group wrote.

They stayed at the home of the senior leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Judea and Samaria, Bassam al-Sa’adi, and met with senior officials from the group.

In a separate Facebook post written several days earlier, the group wrote in response to a visit to the Temple Mount by Ben Gvir, “We are deeply concerned as we follow the news of this coalition of extremists now in power in the State of Israel, who have joined together with the goal of furthering the settler agenda, making the lives of suffering people much worse. Some of them wear religious garb and give the impression of representing the Jewish people, thinking it will cover all their crimes and give them a blank check.

“Despite the fact that Ben-Gvir and some who accompanied him wear yarmulkes on their heads, their Zionism has nothing to do with religious Judaism. Zionism is wrong, criminal and anti-Jewish.”

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