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'Jews won't keep quiet' – this slogan constitutes a hate crime, according to RHR.

What constitutes hate speech? A fervently anti-Zionist group calling itself Rabbis for Human Rights on Wednesday sent out a report titled “Video documentation of hate crime against Palestinians.”

The video (see below) shows three boys wearing hoodies walking in one direction until they disappear in the dark of night, and then the same boys walking back. If walking in a hoodie constitutes a hate crime against Palestinians then check out Harlem, Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant because they are filled with that type of hate, and, dare we say, in even larger groups.


But wait, there’s more. The same group also documented the hate slogans that were supposedly spray painted by these three hooded boys. Brace yourselves, it’s really hateful:

First slogan: “Jews won’t keep quiet.”

Second slogan: “We’ll take our destiny in our own hands.”

‘We’ll take our destiny in our own hands’ – this slogan constitutes a hate crime, according to RHR. / RHR Facebook page

The Channel 2 News website ran this exact story under the headline: Suspects of a hate crime were documented in Samaria.”

Oh, according to the same report, seven Arab owned cars had their tires flattened (they didn’t say slashed). So, yes, this is definitely annoying and, truth be told, hateful. But in a way that restores balance to the region: every week, Israeli cars west of the green line are stolen and taken to illegal garages in the PA where they are striped for parts – so every couple of months Arab tires get flats. Cops don’t bother to investigate in either case.

Yes, that part was also noted by the RHR story: “We note again the low rate of suspects’ capture, prosecution, and even more so, severe punishment for those who committed such hate crimes,” they wrote.

So, remember, never say out loud that Jews won’t keep quiet or that Jews should take their destiny in their own hands – it could land you in The Hague.

Oh, before we forget: In 2016, total RHR’s income was 5.6 million shekel ($1.544 million); total expenses were 5.3 million shekel ($1.461 million), according to NGO Monitor. According to its website, donors include Spain (AECID), European Union, United Kingdom (British Consulate General), Misereor (Germany), Trocaire (Ireland), Norwegian Church Aid (Norway), Kerk in Actie (Netherlands), Church of Sweden, Foundation for Middle East Peace (US), Caritas Belgium, and New Israel Fund.


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