Rabbi Tzvi Rimon produced an educational series this summer called “The Seal” on his MishnaRun website (“Ratzim L’Mishna”). On the website he teaches Mishnayot to children  in an incredibly innovative and captivating manner.

50,000 Jewish children in Israel (yes, 50,000, you read that number right) ran to their computers to see what would happen next in each episode and participate in the site’s online challenges and quizzes on the Mishnayot.


Over the past week, thousands of children have been participating in the Ratzim L’Mishna events being held in Jerusalem’s Cinema City which included a screening of the last episode in the movie theater, meeting the actors, and a quiz on the material.

Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon

Shown above is the first episode from this summer’s series, with English subtitles.

Photos from the MishaRun at Jerusalem’s Cinema City:


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