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The scene of the Maaleh Adumim terror attack.

The Shabak on Sunday morning released a statement that a combined operation of Shabak, Judea and Samaria District Police and the IDF on Saturday night captured Saadi Ali Abu Hamed, 21, of al-Eizariya, or Bethany, on the southeastern slope of the Mount of Olives. Abu Hamed was arrested over his involvement in a terror attack at the Maaleh Adumim shopping center last Thursday night, critically injuring a security guard.

The Shabak launched a manhunt immediately after the attack, but the arrest came after a relative of Abu Hamed had turned him in, resulting in the arrest Saturday night. Abu Hamed admitted to an involvement with the attack during his initial interrogation and was transferred to a Shabak facility where his interrogations will continue.


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  1. Bibi how many more? How much Jewish
    blood needs to be offered on the PC
    altar? What is the number?
    Save your "we are tough speech", we are
    sick of burying precious Jews.
    The lack of dracionian sever w/o mercy
    collective punishment is embolding these
    Tell us ONE nation that would tolerate
    ONE incident like this.
    Can anyone imagine Putin allowing his
    people to be slaughtered… Daily!!!!!!

  2. So they caught an Arab? The true culprit is still in the Prime Minister's office. The wolf will never stop eating the sheep. The real blame lies with the shepherd. Until Bibi fears G-d more than he fears the Goyim, the wolves will have the upper hand. The answer is in our Holy Torah: NUMBERS 33:52-55. 

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