Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90
'Gashash' star Gavri Banai.

Following reports that entertainer Gavri Banai plans to read letters from terrorists at an International Human Rights Day event of leftist NGO Machsom Watch at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, rightwing radio host Sharon Gal called Banai to ask about his choice. The response was an unexpected curse and slammed receiver.

Banai, star of Israel’s mythical sketch comedy trio Hagashash Hachiver (The Pale Scout), and with his surviving Gashash mate Sheike Levi (the third member, Israel Poliakov, passed away) has been involved in supporting leftwing causes. Both entertainers have made statements against religious coercion in Israel and against Israel’s holding on to the liberated territories.


The event is scheduled for December 10, the 70th anniversary of the UN Human Rights declaration. Banai and another actor will read letters from Arab security prisoners to illustrate their plight.

Sharon Gal decided to call Gavri on Tuesday morning to hear his response, and the interview went very badly very fast. Gavri asked not to be asked about the issue, and when Gal proceeded to inquire why, the comic said, “Go [expletive] yourself” and hung up.

Gal then exclaimed: “Wow this will go viral, thank you very much, Gavri Banai,” then quipped: “A pale scout indeed.”