Photo Credit: courtesy, Niv Shachar / Hot News
Vehicle directly hit by a Hezbollah rocket launched from Lebanon at the Golan Heights. July 9, 2024

A man and a woman were killed Tuesday evening when a rocket fired by Iran’s Lebanese proxy, the Hezbollah terrorist army. The rocket directly struck the vehicle in which they were riding near the Nafah Junction in the Golan Heights.

In a statement following the attack, Hezbollah claimed to have targeted the IDF’s Nafah Base just south of Ortal in response to Israel’s elimination of Yasser Nimer Qarbash “Amin,” who was a former bodyguard for the group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, and was in charge of transferring weapons from Iran via Syria to the terrorist organization in Lebanon.


According to the IDF, some 40 rockets were fired at Israel by the terrorist army. Red Alert incoming rocket sirens were triggered by the attack at around 7 pm in the communities of Ortal, Shoal, and Kidmat Tzvi, but were also triggered several times before, earlier in the day and well before a senior Hezbollah operative was killed in a drone strike by Israel.

Five other Israelis were wounded in the evening attack.

Two people were critically wounded when a rocket launched by Hezbollah in Lebanon directly hit the vehicle in which they were riding, near the Nahaf Junction in the Golan Heights. July 9, 2024. Photo: Niv Shachar / Hot News

“*MDA paramedics Aviv Atar and Tarek Hayev said:*

“Immediately after the alarms, we received a report of two casualties and went to the scene. We arrived at the area and the scene was difficult, we saw a vehicle that had received a direct hit, and in the front part an unconscious man and woman who were fatally injured,” said MDA paramedics Aviv Atar and Tarek Hayev.

“During the medical treatment, additional rocket sirens were heard and we ran to protect ourselves while treating the wounded during the alarms, with assistance from military forces. It was a very difficult event for us.”

Fires Ignited, Security Personnel Search for Fallen Shrapnel
A second barrage of rockets was fired from southern Lebanon at the Golan Heights about 45 minutes later, but did not trigger the Red Alert system.

At least eight fires broke out as a result of some of the rockets landing in open areas where dry brush is easily ignited.

Police officers and Northern District detectives worked to isolate the impact sites and searched for additional fallen shrapnel to remove further risk to the public.

*We urge you to avoid coming to the sites and not to approach or touch the remains of rockets because they may contain explosive material; report these immediately to the 100 hotline of the Israel Police,* the Northern District police station said.

Highway 91 from the Nafah Junction to the Armory Junction was closed to traffic in both directions due to rocket impacts in the area.

MK Liberman and Golan Residents Call for War
“Hezbollah launches missile barrages into the north of the country, and in response the ‘Conception’ government calls on the residents of the Golan to stick to protected areas,” Israel Beytenu party chairman MK Avigdor Liberman scolded in a statement posted to the X social media platform shortly after the attack.

“The time has come to change the equation: instead of Israeli citizens being afraid, Lebanese residents should be afraid and stay near shelters from the border to Beirut. We have to change the diskette an hour earlier.”

The Golan Regional Council instructed all residents in the northern Golan Heights to stay near protected areas and avoid gatherings until further notice, in accordance with the army’s instructions — but the head of the regional council likewise called on the government to act.

“There can be no such thing as rockets being fired at the Golan again and again,” Golan Council head Uri Kellner told Israel’s Channel 12 News. “The entire Golan is going up in flames, the writing is on the wall,” he said. “The residents in the Golan have not been evacuated and did not evacuate. We remain in the communities.”

Families who were evacuated and are members of “Fighting for the North” also issued a statement.

“The red line has been crossed,” the evacuees said. “Two dead in the north and no one in the leadership cares. If we don’t go to war in the north now, it will be an inexcusable crime against the right-wing government and the leadership. There is an opportunity here that should not be missed for a real decision, and not spot attacks that don’t provide an ounce of deterrence … This thing must stop. War, now!”

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