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Hassan Ibrahim Mechi (R) with the also-eliminated commander of the Iranian Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

The IDF announced Wednesday morning that it eliminated Hassan Ibrahim Mechi, a senior field commander in Hezbollah’s Southern Front unit.

According to the army’s announcement, the terrorist, who was killed by an Air Force aircraft firing on his vehicle in the Tyre area, was responsible for planning and carrying out many terrorist attacks on Israeli civilian communities.


Wednesday’s elimination comes after an Israeli civilian was killed on Tuesday by an anti-tank missile in the area of Kibbutz Adamit, near the border with Lebanon. He was the 25th Israeli fatality on the northern border since the outbreak of the war. Five IDF soldiers were wounded in the shooting, one of them moderately and the rest lightly (Hezbollah Anti-Tank Missile Kills Israeli Civilian, Hurts Five Soldiers).

Hezbollah officially confirmed the killing of Mechi, who lives in the village of Beit Yahun in southern Lebanon. This is the 298th Hezbollah fatality whose name has been published since the beginning of the war. The Saudi Al-Hadath channel reported that Mechi’s bodyguard was in the car with him at the time of the assassination – so, can we count it as kill number 299?

Mechi was documented in a photo (see above) with the commander of the Iranian Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who met Allah last month in Damascus, in an operation that resulted in Iran’s launching a direct attack on Israel from its territory for the first time.

After Wednesday’s elimination, the IDF reported that Israeli warplanes attacked Hezbollah military structures in southern Lebanon, in the areas of Aita al-Sha’ab, and the village of Kila.


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