Sheikh Muhammad Jarar, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in southern Lebanon, was shot dead on Sunday night in the center of the village of Shabaa, on Israel’s border with Lebanon.

Jarar was killed in a drive-by shooting while standing at the entrance to a clinic he established for Syrian refugees.


Lebanese sources say that Jarar was threatened by Hezbollah prior to his assassination over his pro-Syrian rebel stances. Hezbollah supports Basher al-Assad’s regime, the opposing force.

One report from Lebanon says that Jarar was with friends and when he planned to return home he was told to wait for a phone call from a donor who wanted to support the clinic. Shortly after, he received a video call from a number in New Zealand, and then he was shot.

The Muslim Brotherhood stated that Jarar was “murdered by traitors while on duty.”

A few media outlets in Lebanon implicated Israel in the assassination. However, Israel has no apparent reason to want him dead.

This assassination may have been ordered by Damascus, which may be settling scores with elements which supported the rebels.

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