Photo Credit: David Cohen / TPS
A Patriot Missile trail, as seen from Tzfat. July 13, 2018

Interceptor missiles from the new David’s Sling anti-missile system were launched at Syrian missiles heading towards Israel on Monday morning.

The rocket alert went off in northern Israel in Tzfat (Safed), Merom HaGalil, Upper Galilee, the foothills of the Hermon mountain at 10:07 AM on Monday morning, according to the IDF. At 10:09 AM the rocket alert went off again in Katzrin and the entire Golan Heights.


Security sources initially said a Patriot missile was launched from near Tzfat.

Locals are reporting seeing an interception, but that now appears to have been a self-destruct of one of the interceptor missiles.

At 10:20 AM a third rocket alert sounded in the Galil. At 10:21 AM a third and fourth rocket alert sounded in the Galil up to the Hermon.

Security sources say a second Patriot missile was launched.

UPDATE: The IDF says interceptor missiles from the David Sling anti-missile system were launched at Syrian rockets that were launched as part of their internal fighting. The IDF defense system determined there was a chance the Syrian rockets might hit Israel, so the missiles were launched.

The two Syrian rockets were SS-21 (OTR-21 Tochka surface to surface) missiles launched against the rebels. The missiles were launched from a distance of 100 kilometers from Israel’s border, and the IDF defense system believed they were likely to land on the Golan Heights near the Kinneret, according to reporter Or Heller.

Each rocket carried a 500 kilogram explosive warhead.

Both enemy rockets crashed on the Syrian side of the border. One of them just a kilometer from Israel’s border.

One of the Israeli interceptor missiles self-destructed when it no longer had a target. The fate of the second missile is unknown. It may or may not have intercepted the enemy missile.

There was no damage or injuries on the Israeli side.

It is believed that this is the first time David’s Sling was used operationally.

David’s Sling, also known as “Magic Wand”, is the result of a joint project between Rafael and Raytheon. Elta and Elbit also contributed components to the system.

CORRECTION: The original report said that Patriot missiles were launched, which was what security forces first reported. The article has been corrected to indicate that the Israeli interceptor missiles were from the David’s Sling anti-missile system.


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