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Rocket Alert. July 25, 2018. 5:11 PM

Two Syrian rockets landed in Lake Kinneret at 5:10 pm Wednesday, according to witnesses who said they saw the projectiles crash into the water, one exploding and the other not, Hadashot TV news reported.

The Israel Defense Forces is investigating to confirm the precise spot where the projectiles landed. The lake, known as the Sea of Galilee, was crowded with tourists at the time.


The rocket alert went off on the Golan Heights, on the eastern side of the Kinneret, at 5:10 PM on Wednesday.

Residents report hearing two loud explosions.

It is unknown yet exactly what was launched, and whether it was an intentional shot or spillover from fighting on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.

Of course, that’s a pretty far distance to have flown for an accidental spillover; the Syrian border is dozens of miles from Lake Kinneret.

The IDF reminds citizens, when you hear the rocket alert, quickly enter a bomb shelter or protected area.