Photo Credit: Matan Portnoy / IDF Spokesperson Unit
IDF chopper.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israeli strikes targeted Syrian military sites in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after suspension of attacks for about one month.

SOHR activists have reported hearing explosions in the perimeter of Damascus international airport, the Air-Defense Battalion in the Al-Dumayr district, and other positions southwest of the Homs governorate. At least eight were killed in the attacks.


SANA reported that the Syrian Arab Army’s air defenses “repelled” an “Israeli aggression on some targets in the central and southern regions, and downed some of the hostile missiles.

A military source told SANA that “at 11:36 PM on Tuesday, the Israeli enemy launched an aerial aggression from the Lebanese airspace against some targets in the central and southern regions, and our air defenses intercepted the hostile missiles and downed some of them, and only material damages were reported.”

The official Syrian sources did not mention any loss of life, but according to SOHR, the Israeli strikes left many causalities, and “in Homs, ambulances were seen rushing to the targeted sites. Also, arsenals in the al-Dumayr district were exploded. Also, loud explosions were heard in Hamah and Latakia governorates due to air-defense systems which launched several surface-to-air missiles, attempting to intercept the Israeli rockets.”


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