Photo Credit: Sent to The Jewish Press by NYU students.
At a rally hosted by NYU SJP. 2023

National Students for Justice in Palestine has until June 12 to provide the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability with documentation of its communications related to Oct. 7 and its funding sources, according to a letter that the committee chair sent on Wednesday.

The request includes providing “all documents and communications, regardless of topic, created on or sent between Oct. 6, 2023 and Oct. 8, 2023, inclusive,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, wrote.


Comer also requested all documents about SJP’s funding, efforts to ensure it isn’t receiving terror-linked financing, comments about Oct. 7 and “the promotion by National SJP of illegal activity or activity providing material support to terrorist organizations including, but not limited to, Hamas.”

“The committee is particularly concerned that organizations promulgating pro-Hamas propaganda and engaging in illegal activities at institutions of higher education might be receiving funding or other support from foreign or domestic sources which support the aims of Hamas or other foreign terrorist organizations,” Comer stated.

In the letter, Comer wrote that National SJP “is founded and controlled by American Muslims for Palestine,” a nonprofit that he said has “substantial ties to Hamas via its financial sponsor, Americans for Justice in Palestine Educational Foundation.”

Jason Miyares, the attorney general of Virginia is currently investigating the latter nonprofit, AJP, “for violating state charitable solicitation laws and ‘benefitting or providing support to terrorist organizations,’” Comer wrote. He added that current board members of American Muslims for Palestine “have been involved in fundraising for Hamas charities.”


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