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A water pipe near Kibbutz Nirim, built to transfer water from Israel to Gaza.

Antiquities Thieves Caught Near Jericho
During the past week, as part of the regular activity of the Criminal Archeology Unit and the Border Police, a patrol was carried out in the Tel Dotan area, where two robbers were discovered who tried to rob the ancient cemetery in Tel Dotan.

Tel Dotan is considered one of the most important biblical mounds in northern Samaria and is associated, in particular, with the story of the sale of Joseph by his brothers in the Book of Genesis. The site was inhabited continuously from the Neolithic period to the early Roman period.


Inside the cemetery, there is a burial cave, which dates back to the Middle Bronze Age. During the robbery, the cave was broken into, and ancient pottery was found in the piles of waste removed from it.

The Civil Administration said it will continue to fight against antiquities robberies.

Authorities Stop Illegal Water Diversions in Judea and Samaria
During the week, the water headquarters officer unit in the Civil Administration, in cooperation with the inspection unit and the security forces, carried out several enforcements in several centers including the Jericho area against thefts and illegal water connections throughout Judea and Samaria. During the operation, 3 suspects were arrested and brought in for questioning.

As part of the activity, three pirated connections to Israel’s Mekorot water company’s regional pipeline were disconnected. Authorities said the estimated annual value of the water thefts can reach up to approximately NIS 4.5 million.

The first enforcement took place near the Tevatz military base, during which four illegal connections were disconnected. The second was carried out in the village of Bardala, during which two illegal water connections were cut off, which were stolen from the water pipeline of the Mekorot company – which could endanger the regular water supply in the area.

Water Staff Officer in the Civil Administration, Roy Assig: “The Civil Administration sees great importance in the enforcement of these waters in Judea and Samaria, and will continue to act as much as it can in order to stop this phenomenon and provide proper water infrastructure for the residents. We will continue to act hard against the criminals who harm the fabric and quality of life of the residents, and we will also continue to act for the well-being of the residents of Judea and Samaria.”

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