Photo Credit: Courtesy of Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems Unveils New Electronic Warfare Capability to Counter Drone.

Elbit Systems earlier this week unveiled a new and unique Electronic Warfare capability at the Paris Airshow as part of its Unified Electronic Warfare suite.

The new capability is provided via digital Radar Warning Receivers, part of Elbit’s proven airborne self-protection Electronic Warfare suite, which enables drone detection and identification as well as locating the personal location beacon of ground forces and pilots.


The new Radar Warning Receiver capability locates drones and classifies them as a threat, then provides an answer to dealing with one of the most increasing threats facing commercial and military aircraft today. The ability to locate and classify drones as a threat comes from adding new processing capabilities to the Radar Warning Receiver digital receivers. As part of an overall Electronic Warfare solution, the sensor continues to function as a Radar Warning Receiver sensor in parallel to the new capability and enhances mission success for helicopters and transport aircraft.

Elbit’s Electronic Warfare suite, which is operational on hundreds of rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, comprises an Electronic Warfare controller, Digital Radar Warning Receiver, IR Missile Warning System, Laser Warning Systems, Counter Measure Dispenser System, Directional Infrared Counter Measures. and Electronic Counter Measure Jammer, all of which can operate individually or in concert to provide maximum platform protection and aircrew survivability against advanced threats.

The Radar Warning Receivers can also be configured with another new capability, the ability to detect and geo-locate the personal location beacon of ground forces. This capability means that any platform that includes a Radar Warning Receiver can perform this task, which saves time and resources that are critical on a search and rescue mission.


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