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The Shabak (Israel’s internal security agency) on Monday released a report on the past nearly-5 months of Arab terrorism the Jewish State has been enduring. The report covers the period from October 1, 2015 and February 10, 2016, and finds that as of a week ago, there were 228 terrorist attacks or attempted attacks by Arabs.


Of those attacks, 81 (37%) were by terrorists ages 16 to 20, 22 (10%) by minors (younger than 16), and 74 (34%) were by attackers ages 21-25. In other words, this truly is a youth intifada, as a full 81% of the attackers were under age 25. Only 25 attacks (11%) were committed by terrorists who were older than 35.

Despite the fact that many news reports concern female attackers, in the final count, only 24 women or teenage girls were cited in the report, constituting 11% of the terrorist attacks.

Judea and Samaria were by far the most susceptible to attacks, 169 altogether, or 74%. Jerusalem came next, with 37 attacks (16%), and Israel on the Mediterranean side of the “green line” suffered 22 attacks, or 10% of the attempts.


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