Photo Credit: TPS
Car bombed near Homesh. Feb. 19, 2024

On Monday evening, a large explosive device being was thrown at an Israeli vehicle on its way from Homesh to Shavei Shomron in northern Samaria. At least one person – age 25 – was lightly wounded by shards of glass caused by the explosion.

There were four other passengers in the car and they were not wounded in the attack.


Heavy damage was caused to the car.

Searches are being conducted in the area for the terrorists as large forces prepared to enter the nearby Arab village of Burka.

All of the passengers in the car were residents of Homesh. Among them was Aviya Antman who was in the car in the attack in which Yehuda Dimentman was murdered in a terrorist attack in 2021.

Aviya told TPS, “We just came out of Homesh and they [the terrorists] threw a bomb at us, all our windows were smashed and we got out by a miracle. If it had been thrown through one of the windows, we would have been finished.”


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