Photo Credit: Channel 13 screenshot
This video replaced the normal TV signal in Tel Aviv smart homes, April 15, 2023.

Tel Aviv residents who installed Smart Home systems on Saturday night experienced disruptions of their television signal when their screens were taken over by a video showing rocket attacks. The video ended with the caption: “You Have No Security on this Land,” News13 reported.


“All the blinds in the house were running up and down nonstop,” said one city resident, “and the electricity was turned on and off nonstop for about an hour.”

Last Friday, which was Iran’s “Jerusalem Day,” a series of Israeli sites are attacked by a group calling itself Anonymous Sudan, which claimed to have brought down the websites of the postal service, Mizrahi Bank, Bank Leumi, and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank.

According to Israel’s cyber security service, the attacks were all in the form of denial of service, whereby the attacking computer generates millions of service demands, thus causing legitimate service to slow down and even crash.


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