Photo Credit: IDF Spokesman
IDF soldiers raided 7 Arab villages in Judea and Samaria, October 20, 2022.

According to the IDF, four wanted persons were arrested overnight Friday in several locations in Judea and Samaria. During an arrest operation in Jenin, armed men threw explosives and fired at the forces, who responded with fire. Injuries were detected on the Arab side, but there were no Israeli casualties.

The killed terrorist, Salah Briki, 19, shaved his head in solidarity with Udai Tamimi, the terrorist from Shu’afat (Now they can compare haircuts).


According to WAFA, “a nineteen-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed overnight Thursday during clashes with Israeli forces in the city of Jenin. Israeli forces stormed Jenin city, raided several buildings and deployed snipers on rooftops, leading to clashes with the provoked residents. Salah Briki, 19, later succumbed to his critical wounds.”

According to Al-Quds, Salah Abdullah Yousef Briki was “martyred” at dawn on Friday, three Arabs were wounded and another young man was arrested during the Israeli storming of the city of Jenin, which witnessed violent armed clashes during which heavy explosive devices were thrown that shook the city. Sirens sounded in the Jenin refugee camp and the city, as the IDF forces entered with more than 40 soldiers. Clashes and armed confrontations intensified as local Arabs threw and detonated more than 20 explosive devices.

WAFA noted that Briki’s death brings the number of PA Arabs killed in confrontations with Israeli forces since the start of 2022 to 175, including 41 minors.

This reminds me of the immortal Henny Youngman’s joke: A man says, Doctor, it hurts me when I do this. So, the doctor says, don’t do this.


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