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The scene of the terrorist ramming in Jerusalem, April 22, 2024.

Three Israelis were slightly injured on Monday in a car-ramming attack on Techelet Mordechai Street in Jerusalem while they were engaged in burning chametz on the eve of Passover. Two terrorists fled the scene on foot and an improvised Carlo gun was found on their escape route. Many police and security forces under the command of the Jerusalem district commander are on the scene and are scanning the area to locate the suspects.

According to the preliminary investigation of the attack, immediately after the drive-by, the two terrorists got out of their vehicle with a Carlo weapon and tried to shoot, unsuccessfully. They began to run, throwing away the improvised weapon in their escape route.


The MDA Spokesperson reported: “MDA EMTs and paramedics provided medical treatment and evacuated 2 casualties to Shaare Tzedek Hospital, including an 18-year-old male in mild to moderate condition with a head injury, and one in mild condition.”

MDA EMTs Yitzchak Har Kesef and Daniel Levy reported: “We were near the scene and as soon as we arrived at the scene, we saw a young man about 18 years old walking around the scene with a head injury. He was very upset. We treated him and evacuated him to the hospital in a mild to moderate condition. People at the scene told us that a car hit him at the entrance to the parking lot between buildings where he was burning chametz.”

MDA paramedic Nadav Arzi added and reported: “We were called to Yirmiyahu Street, near the place where the vehicle hit the pedestrians, and saw a 22-year-old man who was fully conscious, walking around. He told us that while they were engaged in burning chametz at the entrance to the parking lot between buildings on Techelet Mordechai Street, a vehicle sped towards a group of people and hit him and another person who was also wounded. He immediately ran away to the nearby Yirmiyahu Street. He suffered injuries to his head and face. We treated him and evacuated him to the hospital in mild condition.”

The two terrorists were captured a few hours later. They were hiding in a store.


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