Photo Credit: Courtesy: Shevach Family
Rabbi Raziel Shevach HY"D and his family.

IDF forces and Border Police operating in Jenin were involved in a firefight, on Wednesday evening, with the terrorists who murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach near Chavat Gilad. The terror attack happened on January 9, 2018.

One of the terrorists involved in the terror attack has been killed. A second terrorist has been wounded and captured. Additional terrorists have also been arrested.


Loudspeakers from the mosques are calling for the Arab residents to come out and fight the IDF, and local Arabs have been throwing stones and firebombs at forces operating in Jenin.

Arab sources say the IDF is also destroying a house with terrorists inside.

Two of our troops have been wounded.

There are reports of loud explosions in Jenin. Channel 10 reports that the IDF fired an anti-tank missile at the home of the third terrorist.

All further details are currently censored.

Live Feed from Jenin:

Arabs have been throwing rocks at the IDF troops operating in the area.