Photo Credit: Hatzalah Yo"sh
Scene of the terror attack in Beit El on Dec. 14, 2018

On Friday, a terrorist infiltrated into an IDF position in Beit El, apparently sneaking in through a hole in the security fence. A soldier was seriously wounded when the terrorist smashed him in the head with a stone slab and stabbed him.

Since the attack, residents of Beit El have been claiming that the hole in the Beit El security fence was ordered left open by the Israeli High Court. The fence was built to prevent shooting and pipe bomb attacks from the nearby Arab neighborhood.


Residents say they were told this by the IDF, but no documentation was found that could back up that claim.

Following up on the conflicting reports as to why the gap was left open, Or Heller reports that the IDF left the hole open after consultations with the IDF’s Military Advocate General.

The basis for their decision was a long abandoned house that was on the land, and the purpose was to grant the unknown, possibly no longer existent owners access to the property.

Residents of Beit El allegedly destroyed the abandoned home of the weekend.


The terrorist surrendered himself to Israeli authorities over the weekend.