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Sisters Chaya and Simi are the design duo behind The Frock NYC. Born and raised in Australia, they share a unique fashion sense influenced by the easy-going surf culture of the beaches of Sydney, and their upbringing in an orthodox Jewish home. Above all, they were motivated to explore their love affair with style, and experience the fashion world up-close.

As soon as Chaya and Simi arrived in New York, they began scouring boutiques and second-hands stores for clothes that fit the modesty standards of their faith, and their own high-fashion tastes. The sisters built a reputation for striking this delicate balance with an approach that’s both distinctive and seemingly effortless.


Women from the Jewish community and beyond caught wind of their fashion acumen and encouraged the duo to share their unique taste with the world. In September 2010, the pair rented out a local florist to open their first pop-up consignment shop, The Frock NYC. They quickly built a loyal following of women looking to shop in a vibrant, social atmosphere.

Influenced by their experience as mothers, entrepreneurs, and fashion lovers, Chaya and Simi combine a relaxed, easy-to wear vibe with a high-end aesthetic. Their designs are infused with personality, imbued with their shared spirituality, and inspired by the beautiful clothing they see on the streets of NYC everyday.

Today, Chaya and Simi continue their journey to empower customers with unique designs and unparalleled service. Whether they’re curating the best finds for their designer consignment boutique or creating original pieces, Chaya and Simi are as passionate as ever about putting an unexpected, fashionable spin on modest dressing.



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