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Customs at Ben Gurion Airport

In the coming weeks, Israel’s Population Authority will launch the electronic visa, the E-visa, which will allow foreigners coming from countries that require an entry visa and who wish to come to Israel on a tourist visa to receive one through their e-mail, without having to go to the Israeli embassy.

The Authority expects the process of submitting the application will be simple.


As part of it the tourist will send all the required documents online and after they have been checked, he will receive the electronic visa online.

In exceptional cases, in which the need arises to examine the (application) in a more in-depth manner or additional documents are required, the applicant will be invited to the Israeli embassy.

The Authority said that the electronic visa “constitutes a significant technological advancement in the services provided by the Population and Immigration Authority and mainly makes it substantially easier for the foreign applicants for the service.”

Director General of the Population and Immigration Authority, Eyal Siso: “The launch of the electronic visa is a real revolution in regards to the service provided by the Authority to foreigners who are abroad. The tourist who wishes to come to visit Israel will be able to manage the application from his home, online as appropriate for 2024 and will receive the visa. The entrance without bothering oneself and with full service accessibility. This is one step in a series of steps we are planning to improve the customer’s experience with the Authority.”


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