Photo Credit: Courtesy of City of David
The 202-meter-long suspension bridge over Jerusalem.

After seven months of intensive construction, a 202-meter suspension bridge connecting the slopes of the Valley of Hinnom with Mount Zion in Jerusalem will soon be open to the public. It is by far the longest bridge of its kind in Israel, far longer than the 80-meter bridge over Nahal Habsor, or the 70-meter bridge in the town of Nesher near Haifa.

As you can see in the Kan 11 News video below, the bridge offers stunning views of Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Temple Mount:


This unique project is a collaboration of the Jerusalem Municipality, Tourism Ministry, Jerusalem Development Authority, Jerusalem Ministry, Nature and Parks Authority, and the City of David Association.

Oriya Dasberg, Deputy Director of the City of David, invited visitors to try, free of charge, the farm in the Valley of Hinnom, “a magical place in the heart of Jerusalem. People can come here to have a picnic, the children can experiment with stone carving, pick olives and produce oil, build terraces, and wade in the water that flows here among the plots. Admission is free, the place is open to the public.”

“I have no doubt the bridge will attract everyone, young and old. It is suitable for everyone,” she added.


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