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Elena Baron with Jerry Greenwald, managing editor of The Jewish Press.

In an Editorial Board meeting with The Jewish Press, Elena Baron talked about her candidacy for Civil Court Judge, Municipal District 6, which encompasses Midwood, Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Prospect Park, Prospect Heights, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The election is scheduled for Tuesday September 12.

The only candidate running for her Judgeship with the necessary experience, she has served as Senior Court Attorney and Principal Law Clerk, assisting sitting judges in Civil and Supreme Courts, with cases involving residential and commercial foreclosures, landlord-tenant disputes, small claims, credit card debt, guardianship and personal injury cases. She has drafted decisions and motions, prepared jury instructions and verdict sheets, researched areas of civil law, conferenced cases with attorneys and pro-se litigants, and is familiar with all phases of trial work. She helped publish more than ninety cases. Additionally, Baron has volunteered as a Mediator and Arbitrator in the Small Claims Courts in Staten Island and Brooklyn, for eight years.


Grateful for endorsements by Rabbi Shimon Hecht, Rabbi Shea Hecht, Rabbi Chaim Yosef Pinkesz, Rabbi Reich, Rabbi Chaninah Sperlin, Rabbi Tamir Zalsman and Rabbi Abraham Reich, Baron is the only Jewish candidate running for her Judgeship.

“Growing up in the former Soviet Union, there was no opportunity for me to explore my Jewish identity or to receive a formal Jewish education,” Baron told The Jewish Press. “That is why I sent my son to yeshiva, to learn our traditions, family values, and a commitment to public service. My grandmother, a doctor, saw more than 100 patients a day, and still found the strength to volunteer, visiting the sick in their homes.”

Both her grandfathers were decorated World War II veterans, who lost their family members in the Holocaust. Baron, an active participant in Jewish life, gives tzedakah generously and volunteers to fund and feed the Jewish poor, and the elderly.

Elena Baron with Shea Rubenstein, executive director of the JCC of Marine Park, preparing food packages for families in need.

Baron uses the judicial process to help people. “I love making a difference in people’s daily lives. I truly care and as Senior Court Attorney, I feel satisfied when I can make a difference. Becoming Judge means that I could make a bigger impact, because the Judge has the final decision over a case.”

Baron cares about Jewish causes. “There were cases involving foreclosures of Jewish schools and shuls. Mindful of these delicate situations, I worked hard to resolve the conflicts in the most amicable manner, rather than letting the process take its natural course. It’s about finding a balance, helping both sides walk out of the court feeling that they’ve resolved their problems, setting them free, so that they can go about their regular business and lives.”

Elena Baron is the only candidate running for the local municipal District 6 seat who lives within the borders of District 6. She is an active community leader for District 6 constituents. Within Municipal District 6, Elena serves as a Board Member of Community Board 14, is a member of the Youth Services Committee, and is a member of the South Midwood Resident’s Association. Baron is also Executive Board Member of her union, the Citywide Association of Law Assistants of the Civil, Criminal and Family Courts in the City of New York.

Baron has taken on the remarkable challenge of running for Civil Court Judge because she believes that there is no greater service that she can render to her community. Each vote is important. Baron emphasized the importance of your vote.

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