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Rabbi Uriel Vigler and his wife Shevy.

Chabad Rabbi Uriel Vigler was attacked by an African-American man who physically threatened him and yelled anti-Semitic vulgarities. The assault happened on Lexington Avenue, on Tuesday morning, as the Rabbi was making his way to morning prayers (Shacharit).

The assailant then ran away, and the rabbi did not need medical treatment.


Rabbi Vigler filed a complaint with the New York Police Department (NYPD).

In response to the attack, Rabbi Vigler told the TPS news agency: “I thought we were living in peace and tranquility in Manhattan. We won’t surrender to terror. We will continue to act with alacrity and full of love for every Jew and we will continue to spread light to the world.”

Rabbi Vigler is the rabbi of the Chabad Israel Center on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and the director of the “Balev Echad” organization which empowers IDF soldiers who were wounded while serving in the army.


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