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Rabbi Hillel Handler

Hundreds of Orthodox Jewish families assembled Monday night in a ballroom in Monsey, Rockland County, New York, some local and some bussed in from Brooklyn and Lakewood, NJ, for a symposium offered by the United Jewish Community Council of Monsey, where Haredi Rabbi Hillel Handler announced: “We Hasidim have been chosen as the target,” and, “The campaign against us has been successful.”

Rabbi Handler shared his particular view as a Holocaust survivor, that Jews were once again being persecuted as disease carriers and suffer attacks on the streets of New York City for sneezing.


The Centers for Disease Control reported 839 cases of the measles across 8 states this year alone, with the vast majority—772 cases—in New York State, of which New York City saw 498 cases, mostly in Williamsburg and Boro Park, Brooklyn.

According to Gothamist, event moderator Moshe Greenfield said that: “Jewish families in the tri-state area are currently going through a crisis with the vaccine issue. We are confident that the day will yet dawn when the Vaccine God will crumble due to its own cracks and faults as more parents become informed […] and political officials speak truthfully.”

According to the NY Times, the event was denounced by local elected officials, health authorities and even some Haredi rabbis, who warned against the anti-vaccination propaganda spewed by the speakers which is risking the community’s health.

Rabbi Moshe Tendler, son-in-law of the Rabbi Moshe Feisntein ztz’l and the posek for the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists, an expert on medical ethics and one of the leaders of YU, who lives in and is the head of a synagogue in Monsey, in 2014 condemned the anti-vaccination rabbis, saying: “This is an area in which medicine has made such tremendous progress for the benefit of humanity. […] I believe that [these rabbis] are not speaking under their authority as rabbis, they are speaking simply as uninformed laymen.”

Dr. Larry Palevsky, who runs the Newport Wellness Center in Long Island, which specializes in “holistic pediatric services,” shared his belief that people were actually catching measles from the vaccine, not the other way around, and suggested that doctors are misdiagnosing many illnesses as the measles.

Dr. Palevsky also suggested Jews were being intentionally given bad batches of vaccines which are giving Jewish children a new strain of the measles.

British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, who poisoned the medical well years ago by linking measles vaccines with autism, made a long-distance appearance via Skype, to tell the already terrified Jewish parents that measles vaccines produce deadly, drug-resistant diseases.

This is as good a time as any to cite Wakefield’s Wikipedia page, which reveals that in 2004, a Sunday Times investigation identified undisclosed financial conflicts of interest on Wakefield’s part, leading most of his co-authors to withdraw their support for his study. Then the British General Medical Council conducted an inquiry focused on Wakefield’s allegations that children became autistic in correlation with receiving medical procedures such as colonoscopies and lumbar punctures, and that Wakefield acted without the required ethical approval from an institutional review board. In 2010, the council found him guilty of more than 30 charges, including four counts of dishonesty and 12 counts of abusing developmentally delayed children. The council ruled that Wakefield had “failed in his duties as a responsible consultant,” acted against the interests of his patients, and published his research “dishonestly and irresponsibly.”

Hello Monsey!

Rabbi Hillel Handler explained his objections to the measles vaccine in a sober manner on YouTube:

However, according to media reports, Rabbi Hillel Handler also essentially told the gathering in Monsey that the measles outbreak in the Haredi community was part of a conspiracy led by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio intended to divert attention from the deadly diseases carried by Central American asylum seekers and illegal migrants.

Which probably places the entire gathering in violation of Deuteronomy 4:6: “Therefore, observe them; and follow them; for then all peoples will see you as having wisdom and understanding. When they hear of all these laws, they will say, ‘This great nation is surely a wise and understanding people.'”

In other words, it is against the law for a Jew to sound like an idiot.


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