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EJA: Flemish Sign Language Page Uses ‘Hooked Nose’ to Define ‘Jew’

"I first thought this was a joke in poor taste or something ironical. That it is not is most alarming and disgusting of all."

Suspect Charged with Arson in Duluth Synagogue Fire

Adas Israel, a small congregation of just 75 members, is one of only two synagogues in the city.

California Enacts ‘Mezuzah Bill’ Following Widespread Support Among Lawmakers

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that protects the right of Jewish residents to place a “mezuzah” on their doorposts.

Duluth Synagogue Burns to the Ground, But Torah Scrolls Survive

The cause of the fire is under investigation, not only by police and fire officials, but also by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Cochin Jewish Community Buries Its Oldest Member

On most days, she could be found seated by her souvenir shop window, looking out and chatting with visitors.

Orthodox Jew Belted by Thugs on Brooklyn Street, Third Attack in One Week

Police are still investigating two other hate crimes against religious Jewish men from last week.

Trump: Jews Who Vote for Democrats Show ‘Total Lack of Knowledge,’ ‘Great Disloyalty’

The president also questioned how Jewish voters could support the Democratic Party knowing the anti-Israel bias among certain members.

Birthright Suspends Tours, Activities Near Gaza Border Due to ‘Tensions’

There has been no official change in the security guidelines for residents by the IDF Home Front Command.

Rabbi Attacked by Muslims in Affluent Charlottenburg, Berlin

Charlottenburg is a magnet for Berlin Jews, and is home to the city's largest kosher supermarket.

AMCHA Applauds California for Quashing ‘Blatantly Anti-Semitic’ High School Curriculum

College campuses with anti-Zionist expression and activity are three times more likely to host incidents targeting Jewish students for harm.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Oleh 60,000 Lands at Ben Gurion, Collects Jewish Freedom, Stunning Jewish Heat...

The flight included 103 children under the age of 17, 21 medical professionals, three sets of twins, and a 28-day-old baby.

Suspect Arrested in Anti-Semitic Attack in Crown Heights

The suspect was arrested by New York Police and charged with a hate-crime assault, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

150 Tires Slashed on 56 Cars Belonging to Lakewood Jews

“He didn’t even get anything out of it. All he did was just damage other people’s property."

Gov. Cuomo ‘Sickened’ by Assaults on Hasidic Jews

According to Police, the attackers sneaked up on their victims from behind, punched them in the face and emptied their pockets.

Dermer Encouraging Semi-Secret Rabbinical Coalition to Improve US-Israel Dialogue

Rabbis from all movements will gather with Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer with the goal of rebooting the conversation between Israeli and American Jewry.

Temple Institute Video Urges Jews to Wake Up and Smell the Incense

The video is the seventh in a series which began with "The Children are Ready," which received more than a million views.

Natan Sharansky to Chair Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy

“I cannot think of an individual who carries a greater caliber of intellectual leadership in the fight against contemporary anti-Semitism."

JTA Election Pic Worth a Thousand Misogynistic Innuendos

Look at the over-effeminized Ayelet Shaked leaning against the broad shoulders of General Benny Gantz, as a lechery Avigdor Liberman is staring at her upper body.

IfNotNow Annoyed: 2 Debates, 20 Democrats, Not One Word About ‘Occupation’

Emma asks sheepishly: "Can you donate $5 to make sure we can make the Occupation a central issue in the next debates?"

Shmuley Boteach to Debate Jew for Yoshka on ‘New Testament’ Anti-Semitism

It's probably safe to say that the August 8 debate will not result in much burning, but the Talmud discourages a voluntary religious debate with gentiles.

Chelsea Clinton Has Third Child: Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky

In any event, Hillary Clinton tweeted that she and Bill are “thrilled” at the news. And we believe her.

British Jewish Leader Regrets Pun Calling to ‘Sacrifice’ (Korban) Labour’s Corbyn

Lionel Kopelowitz will be 93 in December. The last time he was live streamed was probably on one of those lovely Thames tributaries we all remember from Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat.

52,000 Brooklynites in the Dark Sunday Night Including Flatbush, Mill Basin

The blackout appears to impact the neighborhoods of Flatbush, Flatlands, Mill Basin, Old Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, and Georgetown.

WATCH: UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Welcomes Jews Back to the Party

Jeremy Corbyn: "I want Jewish people to feel at home in the Labour Party and be able to play their full part in our campaigning work to take our country forward. "

Netflix Showing New Film on Ethiopian Jews’ Rescue in SF Jewish Festival

From 1979 to 1983, Aliyah activists and Mossad agents operating in Sudan encouraged the Beta Israel communities in Ethiopia to come to the Sudan, and from the Sudan they would be taken to Israel via Europe.

When Lincoln Borrowed a Philadelphia Rabbi’s Tammuz 17 Reference for the Gettysburg Address

In 1863, the day of Shabbat, July 4, Independence Day, fell on the first day of the three weeks, Tammuz 17, but because it was Shabbat, as is the case this year, 2019, the fast was pushed off to Sunday.

‘Israel Needs to do More’ for Diaspora, Netanyahu Tells OU Leaders

They discussed the need to increase and expand initiatives focused on Jewish education and identity in the Diaspora.

Russian Subbotnik Jew Granted Israeli Citizenship

Bocharnikova applied for Israeli citizenship in Moscow, but when Two years later she had not received a reply, she came to Israel anyway.

While Alarms Warn of Split Between Young Jews and Israel, 23 of Them Journey...

It's part of that rare commodity: sanity. You love your friends, you defend against your enemies.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore Applauds Resignation of Holocaust Denier Florida Principal

“Days ago we celebrated our nation’s victory over tyranny, we cannot allow our children to be taught by Nazi sympathizers who are led by hate and not the Constitution or laws of this land."


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