Ukraine Holocaust Memorial Desecrated in Kryvyi Rih

Israel’s Ambassador to Kyiv, Joel Lion, noted in a tweet the desecrated monument is “not far from President Zelensky’s parents’ home.”

Chanukah Machete Attacker Pleads Not Guilty

The federal charges could lead to a death penalty charge against Thomas if Josef Neumann, 72, who is comatose with a fractured skull from the attack, dies, God forbid.

US Jewish Security Group Issues Guidelines for Synagogues on Arms, Hired Guards

The paper advises that “an armed guard or armed congregant is not a security strategy or plan on its own. Armed security can be part of a plan, but it is only that—a component. A true security plan includes many other layers and components … .”

Ohr Torah Stone Launches Jewish Education Grants to Small European Communities

The first recipients of the grant will help strengthen seven small European communities in Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia; Oslo, Norway; and Warsaw, Szczecin and Wroclaw, Poland.

Anti-Semitism is Alive in France: Jewish Cemetery Vandalized in Bayonne

“I don’t want to inflame a debate. I want the investigation to take place calmly.”

Malmo’s Jews Haven’t Disappeared By Any Means

Malmo's Jews haven’t disappeared by any means, to judge by the crowd that showed up last month for the Chanukah Menorah lighting in the city square.

J Street Co-Founder, Tlaib and Ilhan Defender, Picked as Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Liaison

So, expect more Bernie Sanders endorsements of "I'm not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist" politicians.

Jewish Teen Attacked on Brooklyn MTA Bus

The incident is under investigation by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.

Exclusive: Kindness for Holocaust Survivor Cecile Low, z’l, Results in Mystery, History & Joyous...

"Her closest relatives are in Israel. We can't find them. They may never have met, but they are her closest kin." We need to find them . . .

Grafton May Have Also Stabbed a Jewish Man in Monsey, Back in November

In addition to the vehicle, the FBI reportedly has managed to obtain the weapon used to stab the victim in November as well.

Jewish Woman ‘Physically Harassed’ by Teens in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

The victim quickly snapped a photo of the perpetrators using her smart phone, sent the photo and a description to the Shomrim civil patrol and called 911.

No Hate. No Fear. Join New York’s Solidarity March Sunday Jan 5

“The 1.5 million Jews of our great city and region will not stand down. We will not be intimidated.”

Chanukah Machete Attack Victim ‘May Not Ever Wake Up’

"We shall not let this terrible hate-driven attack be forgotten, and let us all work to eradicate all sorts of hate.”

Greek Jews Protest Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Trikala Synagogue

The act of vandalism has caused “outrage and deep sadness.”

Left-Wing Jews Oppose Additional Police Protection for Brooklyn Chassidim

“Anti-Semitism is on the rise. It is in the water. It is being fueled by a white nationalist administration."

Teaneck, Lakewood, Jersey City Police Increasing Protection of Jewish Residents

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Police in Highland Park in Middlesex County, New Jersey, investigated graffiti found outside the Ahavas Achim synagogue.

Jewish Lawmakers Call for ‘State of Emergency’ Over Anti-Semitic Attacks in New York

But only Mayor De Blasio has the authority to formally request a 'state of emergency' status for New York City from the Governor.

Anti-Semitism in NYC: 2 Attacks in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

It’s not only in Brooklyn that anti-Semitic attacks are taking place.

WATCH: Russian Jews ‘Party’ After Lighting Chanukah Menorah in Moscow’s Red Square

This is the 30th year that the Chanukah menorah is being lit in Moscow’s public square, itself a massive miracle.

Giuliani Catching Flack for Saying He’s More Jewish than George Soros

Soros is a product of his assimilated background, which he himself described in a 2016 interview as a "Jewish anti-Semitic home."

Jewish Astronaut Wishes Happy Chanukah from the International Space Station

The ISS revolves around the Earth at about 17,500 mph resulting in it completing one revolution in about 90 minutes, and about 16 revolutions per day. That's a lot of candle lighting.

Jersey City Braces for Confrontation over Antisemitism at Board of Education Meeting

"Emotions are high and the city needs to come together in times like this, not be further divided."

NYC Subway Rider Physically Attacked Jewish Woman, Praised Jersey City Shooters

“No one did anything,” she said. “No words. No actions. Just dozens of people watching as if we were the audience of a TV show.”

UK Labour’s Loss May Not Be Jewish Gain, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis Warns

“The election may be over, but concerns about the resurgence of antisemitism very much remain."

FBI Probes Jersey City Shooting as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Jersey City Mayor Fulop: “Not only [was] this a hate crime but ... the perpetrators had hoped to kill many more people than four."

WATCH: Trump Signs Executive Order Defending Jews from Anti-Semitism

"This is our message to universities: If you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars that you get every year you must reject anti-Semitism. It’s very simple."

NYC on High Alert, NYPD Protecting Jewish Sites After Jersey City Terror Attack

NYC Mayor De Blasio: "What we saw was a pre-meditated, violent, anti-Semitic hate crime . . . this was an act of hate and an act of terror."

WATCH: Ranting Residents Blame Jews for Antisemitic Terror in Jersey City

"Four of your people that were dead, right? That's great. If they was dead, they got shot dead. That's great. . . Get the Jews out of Jersey City."

NJ Judge Denies Bail to Teen Accused of Directing Synagogue Vandalism

The teen shared his plans to eventually die in a “suicide-by-cop,” or, as he put it, he planned to go out in a “blaze of glory."


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