Gillibrand among 7 Dem Candidates Avoiding AIPAC

"Senator Gillibrand was not planning to speak at the policy conference and will not be attending."

Bennett to Skip AIPAC Conference

This might be a good place to note that Naftali Bennett is Israel's Minister for Diaspora Affairs. We think AIPAC's got a whole lot of Diaspora under its belt.

Germany Revokes Visa, Asks Convicted Arab Terrorist Rasmea Odeh to Leave

"Freedom of expression is a great good. If, however, the state of Israel and Jews are to be ruthlessly persecuted, the red line has been crossed."

Gantz, Efrat Mayor to Speak at AIPAC

They will share the stage with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Diaspora Minister, Ruderman Foundation, Critical of Regev’s Vindictive Ban on World Jews’ Joining Torch...

Since Miri Regev is officially Minister of Culture and Sport, can we classify her most recent move as turning Culture into a contact Sport?

London Beit Din Dayan Resigns, Cites Falling Short of Standards

Rabbi Abraham said he had been “under exceptional strain and stress for some time which has taken its inevitable toll."

IfNotNow Boast They Helped Block Dems’ Rebuke of Anti-Semitic Omar

"With Democratic leaders like Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders condemning the [proposed] resolution, it’s clear that grassroots movements are shifting what’s possible in the halls of power."

Mardi Gras in Belgium Features Anti-Semitic Float among Numerous Offensive Images

The anti-Semitic portion lasts only a few minutes within a parade video that lasts seven and three quarter hours.

21 Measles Cases in One Williamsburg Yeshiva in One Month

The problems this yeshiva has had with vaccinating its students go back to 1981, when its principal was fined by New York City's Health Department for failing to insure that his students were properly immunized.

Peace Now Petitions AIPAC to Disinvite Netanyahu

This should teach both AIPAC and AJC a lesson about diverting their lobbying efforts from Washington DC to Jerusalem.

Netanyahu to Moscow Jewish Leaders: More Than One Million Russian-Speaking Jews Have Changed Israel

Russian-speaking Jews in Israel "together with the Jewish community here in Russia and Moscow, constitute a living bridge between these two peoples."

President Rivlin Spoke with Argentine Chief Rabbi Davidovich after the Attack

“The State of Israel will do everything necessary to protect Jews wherever they choose to live.”

Otzma Yehudit Platform Radical on Jewish Values, Hazy on Practical Implementation

I'd like to see a better reasoned and less combative platform – with no need to change or moderate the party's beliefs.

NYC Health Dept. Issues Advisory for Orthodox Jews Traveling to Israel

Most of the affected neighborhoods in New York City have been those with large Orthodox Jewish populations, particularly the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Borough Park and Williamsburg.

Otzma Yehudit to AIPAC: Go Home

Otzma Yehudit told AIPAC members to come home to Israel to earn the right to participate in internal Israeli politics.

American Jewish Leaders Tour The (Gaza Border) Wall, Israeli F-35 Fighter Squadron

The participants were the first foreign group to witness the barrier that Israel has been constructing along the Gaza border.

Bibi to AIPAC: ‘Rejecting Union with Right-Wing Parties Is Absurd’

As to the rights of US Jews to intervene in Israeli politics, I recommend landing in Ben Gurion International, picking up the blue ID card that's been waiting for them since 1948 – and voting their little heart silly.

Head of Germany’s Jewish Community Wants Military to Hire Rabbis

About 300 Jewish soldiers serve in the Bundeswehr today.

Netanyahu Calls French President Macron, Condemns Anti-Semitism in France & Europe

“Anti-Zionists never claim that any other nation on earth, apart from the Jewish State, should be dismantled or is illegitimate."

Ilhan Omar ‘Apologizes’ to AIPAC’s Leftist Enemies for Anti-Semitic Tweet

The rabid anti-Semite apologized to Jews who  agree with her on the role of AIPAC in deciding US foreign policy.

Giant Nazi Swastika Adorns Staircase in Kiev Mall, Latest in Ukraine Anti-Semitism

One has to wonder what Jews are still doing there, and what more it might take to convince them to leave.

University of Sydney Fires Lecturer Over Image of Swastika on Israeli Flag

Tim Anderson, a a life-long radical and virulent hater of Jews, was placed under official investigation after he defended a former colleague for wearing a badge proclaiming “Death to Israel.”

Leading World Jewish Organizations Present EU with Joint Action Plan for Combating Anti-Semitism in...

“If our leaders are serious about combating anti-Semitism then . . . the battle against hate and intolerance needs to take place in the political, educational, legal, law enforcement, judicial and diplomatic arenas.”

In Tel Aviv, British Experts Warn of Anti-Semitism Across the UK

The talk served as a call to action for the English-speaking audience in the room to do what they can to support the embattled Jewish community.

Thousands of Far-Right Extremists, Neo-Nazis March Through Sofia, Bulgaria

Last week the World Jewish Congress warned about the rise of anti-Semitism, Nazi glorification and far-right extremism among young people in Europe.


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