Evangelical Leader Cardoza-Moore: COVID-19 Not Punishment for Jews for Rejecting Jesus

“Rick Wiles professes to be an Evangelical Christian Pastor, but he never quotes scriptures."

Rabbi Josef Neumann Who Was Stabbed on Chanukah in Monsey Dead at 72

The charges against his assailant are expected to be elevated to murder in the 2nd degree.

Watch: God Has Removed All Our Excuses to Stay in Galut

Watch Rabbi Marc Penner provide the most optimistic and Jewish commentary on the coronavirus infestation. It might just blow your mind.

UK Will Not Burn Bodies of Jewish Corona Victims After Outcry By Jewish Community

A clause was included in a Parliamentary bill, allowing for families of the deceased to oppose cremation out of religious reasons.

Results Are In: American Orthodox/Rightwing Jewry Win Big in the World Zionist Congress

There has been a shift towards the right and Orthodox Jewry that requires a new understanding of who really represents "American Jews."

Rivlin, Herzog Bump Elbows, Discuss Coronavirus Effect on World Jewry

My dear ones, as the special excitement of preparations for the Pesach holiday gives way to fear and anxiety, we embrace you and send our prayers for your welfare and good health.

JNF Flies Students Home from High School Program in Israel as Restrictions Tighten

“We always have, and always will, prioritize the safety and well-being of our students,” said Joe Wolfson, AMHSI-JNF chairman of the board.

Milan Jewish Leader Michele Sciama Succumbs to Coronavirus at 79

He was driven by "an overwhelming force, a fire that animated him and that forced those around him to share his planning.

‘Coronavirus Ground Zero’ Teaneck, NJ, Goes Under Quarantine

Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin on Saturday called his town “ground zero” for the spread of coronavirus

Nefesh B’Nefesh Launches Virtual Mega Aliyah Event Featuring Real Aliyah Opportunities

The Aliyah group will provide online informational sessions to nearly 1,000 pre-registered participants in lieu of this year’s New Jersey mega Aliyah event.

Boston’s Federation Honors Activist with Ties to IfNotNow

The Boston-based Jewish Federation, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), recently honored a local activist with ties to the anti-Israel group IfNotNow.

Mayim Bialik’s Abbreviated Megillah

Mayim Bialik, of The Big Bang Theory fame, presents an abbreviated and somewhat hyper version of the Book of Esther story.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Resigns After Comparing Sander’s Win to Nazi Invasion

Matthews admired the late President Shimon Peres, but despised PM Benjamin Netanyahu and lumped him together with “bad guys” like Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

NJ Orthodox Schools to Share in $5 Million Grant to Teach Math, Science

When the match is made, the teacher, the private school, and the district superintendent work out schedule that does not interfere with the teacher’s public school classes.

Jewish Groups Hail Bulgaria for Blocking neo-Nazi March

The country’s Supreme Administrative Court prohibited the march, ruling that far-right demonstrators could only lay wreaths at Lukov's home.

Two Gentiles to Host ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’ Ceremony in Jerusalem

In 2014, they gave the $1 million prize to Mike Bloomberg, who used it to buy a Democratic Congressman and had enough left over for a dozen Zabar's bagels.

Forget Bernie, Mike Pence to Speak at Annual AIPAC Conference

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and other members of Congress are scheduled to speak.

Report: As NY State School Enrollment Declines, Yeshivas Are Up 62.2%

"Jewish schools have grown by 46.3% in the city and 106.7% in the rest of the state."

AIPAC: Bernie Sanders Never Shows Up Here, Despicable Fellow, Really

This year, it would be difficult for Democratic presidential candidates to attend the AIPAC conference even if they don't wish to boycott it: the conference starts right on the Sunday leading up to Super Tuesday.

Orthodox Union Launches North American Inclusion Month with 200-plus Events

Programming includes 14 Shabbatonim, in addition to cooking classes, bowling outings, family support groups and sensitivity training.

Jewish Billionaire’s Fight for Top Office Against Jewish Socialist Getting Nasty

Of course, the Sanders premise is wrong: in America you can definitely buy the presidency, and Democrats have in recent campaigns raised and shelled out double the amounts spent by Republicans.

Jerusalem Mayor to Conference of Presidents: Don’t Let Jerusalem Divide Us

“This is our responsibility to all the people of Jerusalem: Jews, Muslims, Christians, religious and secular, young and old, men and women."

Conference of Presidents Hails Saudi Visit, Vows ‘Strength Through Unity’

Following the press conference, the group conducted a visit to the Mobileye factory in Jerusalem.

Rivlin Welcomes ‘Keeping It In The Family’ Conference to Strengthen Israel-Diaspora Ties

President Reuven Rivlin opened discussions stating that a “shared mission” to create a positive definition is in order.

‘Bears for Palestine’ Crash Berkeley’s Counter Anti-Semitism Vote then Complain about Intimidation

"It’s hard to feel completely safe as a Jewish person anymore. I find myself second-guessing attending the concerts of Israeli artists, and I never sit by the street window during Shabbat dinners at Chabad."

Ruderman Survey: 80% of American Jews Are Pro-Israel, 67% Emotionally Attached

Ruderman Family Foundation survey, contrary to common notions, finds vast majority of American Jews are connected to Israel.

B’nai B’rith Attacks Baseball’s Promotion of Israel Hater Roger Waters

In 2018, the Simon Wiesenthal Center counted Waters among the ten worst anti-Semitic phenomena of the year – a year which witnessed the Tree Of Life Synagogue massacre.

Growing Number of Non-Jews Attend Synagogue in Germany, Poland

“Why is this happening? Our rabbis believe many of their non-Jewish congregants seek greater meaning in life than they found elsewhere."

Bob Alper’s 3 Gentile Jokes

He holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary – did your Rosh Yeshiva have one of those?


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