Trump Tells Orthodox Jewish Fundraiser: If Impeached, I’d Become Prime Minister of Israel

"What kind of a system is it over there, right?" Trump said. "They're all fighting and fighting. [...] They have two elections and nobody is elected."

Jewish Grave in Hartford, CT Found Empty, Filled with Water, Dead Chickens

The Major Crimes and Crime Scene Division of Hartford Police is taking the lead in the investigation.

Bar-Ilan Features Exhibit on the Synagogues of India

Waronker's work includes numerous paintings of India's unique houses of worship, eighteen of which are currently on display at the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University.

NJ AG to Investigate Monmouth County Schools on Anti-Semitic Harassment

After the girl’s father notified school officials of the offending photograph and group messages, the girl was harassed and mocked as a “snitch” by her fellow students.

Bogota Slams Anti-Semitic Attack on Menora Monument

The Israeli ambassador thanked the Columbian government for its statement of solidarity and added that the fight against anti-Semitism will continue.

Ronald Lauder Awards Chancellor Angela Merkel a Herzl

"I regard this award that carries the name of Theodor Herzl as an obligation never to be content with what has been achieved but to continue striving toward a better future,"Merkel said.

Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue Talks About Plans to Re-Open, 1 Year After Shooting

"We can either let it define us, let it destroy us, or we can let it strengthen us. We will not let this attack destroy us."

Jewish Agency’s New Plan Heals Rifts, Fights Anti-Semitism, Pushes Aliyah, Adds Emissaries

Mapping the challenges and resulting actions were formulated through a global process, the first of its kind among the Jewish people.

AJC Survey: One in Three US Jews Hide their Religious Affiliation Out of Fear

Secure Community Network, helping synagogues security, which until the Pittsburgh massacre received 500 requests a year from Jewish groups, reported receiving 2,000 such requests after Pittsburgh.

UK Jewish Labour Party Lawmaker Quits After 55 Years, Cites Anti-Semitism

Ellman is not the first Jewish senior Labour Party member to have fled the party over anti-Semitism.

Jewish Caucus, Chabad, Announce First-Ever Sukkah at New York City Hall

Organizing the project was a real team effort, according to Jewish Caucus Chairman Chaim Deutsch.

IDF, Birthright Team up for ‘Reverse Encounter,’ Bringing IDF Officers to New York, Boston

“We came back a little prouder of what we do. It sharpened something in our sense of mission,” say Israeli officers who visited American Jewish communities.

Also on Yom Kippur: Holocaust Memorial Vandalized, Arson Attempt at Jewish Center

Westchester County Police would not release the images on the flyers, calling the graphics “offensive” and the wording “obscene.”

Attack in Halle Live-Streamed by Terrorist, Shows ‘Anti-Semitism in Europe Increasing,’ Netanyahu Warns

Netanyahu called on German authorities to "continue taking determined action against anti-Semitism." Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a synagogue vigil Wednesday in Berlin.

Grotesque: Al Sharpton Gives Rosh Hashanah Sermon at East Side Synagogue

By now practically every Jewish newspaper in New York has condemned the notion that Sharpton, who is identified more than anyone else with the August 1991 Crown Heights Pogrom, should be preaching to Jews on Rosh hashanah.

Spain Terminates Applications for Jewish Spaniard Wannabes, 130,000 Get In

A whopping 132,226 Jews have taken advantage of the four-year repatriation program to apply for a Spanish citizenship at the ridiculous price of 100 euro.

More Than 1,600 Receive Medical Treatment in Uman Over Rosh HaShana

One person was airlifted to a hospital in Kiev due to the severity of his condition, at the beginning of the holiday.

High Security Awareness in US Synagogues over Holiday

“Even though Pittsburgh is a very safe community, there's just a lot of heightened concern."

In 5779 Jewish Nation Grew by 100,000 to 14.8 Million Worldwide

In 1939, the world's Jewish population reached its historical peak of 17 million (0.8% of the global population).

Evangelical Leader Asking Christians to Hold Vigils Outside Synagogues on High-Holidays

Cardoza-Moore instructed her followers: “Please contact your local Rabbi and let them know that you will be standing outside their synagogue in solidarity."

EJA: Flemish Sign Language Page Uses ‘Hooked Nose’ to Define ‘Jew’

"I first thought this was a joke in poor taste or something ironical. That it is not is most alarming and disgusting of all."

Suspect Charged with Arson in Duluth Synagogue Fire

Adas Israel, a small congregation of just 75 members, is one of only two synagogues in the city.

California Enacts ‘Mezuzah Bill’ Following Widespread Support Among Lawmakers

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that protects the right of Jewish residents to place a “mezuzah” on their doorposts.

Duluth Synagogue Burns to the Ground, But Torah Scrolls Survive

The cause of the fire is under investigation, not only by police and fire officials, but also by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Cochin Jewish Community Buries Its Oldest Member

On most days, she could be found seated by her souvenir shop window, looking out and chatting with visitors.

Orthodox Jew Belted by Thugs on Brooklyn Street, Third Attack in One Week

Police are still investigating two other hate crimes against religious Jewish men from last week.

Trump: Jews Who Vote for Democrats Show ‘Total Lack of Knowledge,’ ‘Great Disloyalty’

The president also questioned how Jewish voters could support the Democratic Party knowing the anti-Israel bias among certain members.

Birthright Suspends Tours, Activities Near Gaza Border Due to ‘Tensions’

There has been no official change in the security guidelines for residents by the IDF Home Front Command.

Rabbi Attacked by Muslims in Affluent Charlottenburg, Berlin

Charlottenburg is a magnet for Berlin Jews, and is home to the city's largest kosher supermarket.

AMCHA Applauds California for Quashing ‘Blatantly Anti-Semitic’ High School Curriculum

College campuses with anti-Zionist expression and activity are three times more likely to host incidents targeting Jewish students for harm.


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