Republicans and Democrats Unite Behind Israel after Iranian Attack

"Democratic Majority for Israel and the Republican Jewish Coalition rarely see eye to eye."

Iran’s Jewish MP Hails the Attack that Exposed ‘Israel’s Many Weaknesses’

“Israel spent about $1.5 billion to fend off Iran's attack, while our drones and missiles cost much less.”

Orthodox Union Delivers 100,000 Pro-Israel Letters to White House

The Jewish organization has collected 180,000 letters to U.S. President Joe Biden, marking the 180 days since Oct. 7.

Texas Governor Orders State Schools to Control Antisemitism, Discipline Pro Hamas Students

The Executive Director of the CAIR chapter in Texas Mustafa Carroll protested the Governor's executive order.

Schumer: Without America Israel Is Finished

“It came from here,” he said, pointing at his gut. And then he told his first lie.

Arsonist Arrested in Connection with Fire at Chabad Los Olas in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Miraculously, a prayer book (siddur) that was inside the van at the time remained intact, although the rabbi's van itself was destroyed.

Schumer’s Rabbi Rachel Demands Israelis Dump Netanyahu or Face the Consequences

This really is her view of her Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel: they are all dupes of Netanyahu.

Flatbush Israel Real Estate Event Cancelled Over Fear of Pro-Hamas Gangs

It's not quite clear how canceling a pro-Israel event "keeps the community safe" when threatened by pro-Hamas anarchists, rather than protecting the civil rights of those who choose to attend.

Elder of Ziyon: Many JCCs ‘Quietly’ Stripping Israel from Their Missions

“These were conscious decisions to remove Zionism as a core value in various JCCs,” the pro-Israel writer reported.

US Jewish Groups Launch Antisemitism Helpline for California Schoolchildren

In the three months after the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre, ADL recorded a total of 256 antisemitic incidents in US elementary, middle, and high schools.

Study Finds Antisemitism Motivates US Jews to Give 10 Times More to Charity

Younger generations had the highest participation rates in giving to Israel-focused organizations, and the highest amounts.

Israel’s Ambassador, Bnai Brith Portugal Warn Silence of Portuguese Politicians Could Lead to Antisemitic...

At a recent demonstration for better housing in Porto, some protesters instructed people “not to rent a house from Zionist murderers,” and "Neither Haifa nor Boavista, out with Zionist capital".

El Al Cancelling South Africa

It might also be a good time for all the Jews left in South Africa to pack up and leave.

New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Terrorism, Faces 30 Years

"Let no one question our resolve when it comes to fighting hatred and bigotry."

Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro Tour Auschwitz-Birkenau Site While in Poland

They laid wreaths, lit candles and observed a memorial service ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27.

SA Jews Protest Firing of Jewish Cricket Captain Ahead of U-19 World Cup

“There is political interference stemming from South Africa’s relationship with Iran, Hamas, Qatar and others that is now starting to affect the local Jewish community,” said the South African Zionist Federation.

Israel Bonds Surpassed $2.7 Billion in 2023

Israel Bonds and its affiliates around the world have generated more than $50 billion in investments since it was founded 72 years ago.

700 North Americans Make Aliyah Following Oct. 7 Attacks

Over 200 olim landed at Ben-Gurion Airport in the last week of 2023.

FBI Investigating Record 199 Swatting Incidents Last Weekend

"It’s critical to recognize that these are not victimless crimes or innocent pranks: they can have real – and even deadly – consequences."

Birthright Israel Renewing Trips in January with ‘Security Top Priority’

Come mid-January, prospective participants can initiate their registration for the summer excursions via Birthright Israel's official website.

Bernie Sanders: Israel Losing the War on Public Opinion

It isn’t at all clear why the Senator puts a higher value on retaining the world’s empathy than he does on the very survival of the Jewish State.

India’s ‘Lost Jews’ Celebrate Hanukkah

"This Hanukkah, the community unites in prayer, expressing collective hopes for the safety of Israel's soldiers and the secure return of all hostages in Gaza."

Jewish Woman Beaten Unconscious in London, Left for Dead

Horrifically but unsurprisingly, numerous people and drivers passed as the attack was taking place, but not one person stopped to help the victim,

Henry Kissinger Dead at 100, Was Among Most Influential Jews of the 20th Century

In his later years, he was unable to travel to several countries for fear of being prosecuted for war crimes.

JFNA Poll: US Jews Fear for their Safety, Happy to Donate to Israel’s Security

70% of American Jews express feeling less safe since October 7, with none reporting an increased sense of safety since that date.

United Hatzalah Launches International Training Sessions in Wake of Rising Antisemitism

Techniques accessible to individuals without formal mental health training can help prevent the onset of emotional and psychological disorders.

Nearly 300K Jews Rallied for Israel in Wash DC, Minus 300 from Detroit Sabotaged...

With any luck, the unnamed bus company and at least some of its employees will be subject to a flaming lawsuit for the actions of its antisemitic drivers.

200,000 Jews March for Israel in DC Today

The marchers want US politicians to know that the majority of the American people support Israel’s actions in Gaza.


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