SF Police Arrest Man Who Fired Blanks inside Synagogue

The police report does not mention the general apathy of the assembled Jews at the table.

Russian Rocket Hits Synagogue in Ukraine

The Huliaipole Synagogue was hit by a Russian missile.

Jewish Man Beaten ‘For Kanye” at Maryland Supermarket

“They ganged up on me and they said, ‘Get him for Kanye,’” the victim related. Tackled by four people, the victim was repeatedly punched. He suffered a broken nose and a concussion.

MK Simcha Rothman Returns from US Trip Confident of His Defense of Israeli Judicial...

“It was the first time they heard the story straight, without the big bias,” MK Simcha Rothman said.

Houston Antisemite Defiles Synagogue, Torah Scroll, Then Skips Court

A warrant was issued for the suspect's arrest, with her mental status to be evaluated once she has been booked into the jail.

Vast Majority of Israelis Say Diaspora Jews Need to Come Home

Researchers found that nearly 82 percent of those surveyed believe Israel is the safest place in the world for Jews today.

Lapid Plans US Trip to Rally US Jews Against Israeli Government

In Israel, politics apparently does not end at the water's edge.

400 North American Students Race 2.5k to Empower Israelis with Severe Disabilities

As the race began, the 160 participants of JNF-USA’s Alternative Winter Break led the pack.

American-Born Ron Dermer Appointed Netanyahu’s Strategic Affairs Minister

The Ministry of Strategic Affairs’ mission is to act against the delegitimization and boycotts of Israel.

Spreading Unabashed Lies, 330 US Clergy Ban Ben Gvir, Smotrich

What follows are despicable lies, which go unchecked by JTA.

Jewish Council for Public Affairs Announces Major Organizational Reset

The organization will loosen its ties to The Jewish Federations of North America in a bid to free itself to pursue liberal agenda items.

UAE Jewish Community Opens First Kosher Supermarket in Gulf

“The unique Jewish supermarket, spanning over 130 square meters in the center of Dubai, offers quality kosher produce imported especially from Israel, Europe and the U.S.,” says UAE-based Rabbi Levi Duchman

Israeli Arab Lawmaker Ayman Odeh Meets with UN Secy-Gen Guterres, J Street to Incite...

“This is an extremely dangerous situation that requires international intervention to protect the lives of Arab Palestinian citizens,” MK Ayman Odeh wrote in a personally-delivered letter to UN Secy-Gen. Antonio Guterres.

Great Neck, NY, Signs ‘Sister Pact’ with Israeli Towns

Heartland Initiative builds bridges between Jewish, Druze communities and the Long Island village.

First-Ever Course for Kosher Slaughterers in Ethiopia Graduates 12

“The group studied from early morning into the evening hours.”

Reform President Rick Jacobs Compares Ben Gvir to the KKK

Let there be no hope for informers, and may all wickedness instantly perish.

First Resolution Recognizing Contributions of Israeli-Americans Introduced in Senate

The resolution cited numerous industries where Israeli-Americans have made a positive impact, including health sciences, pharmaceutics, disaster relief, astrophysics, mathematics, chemistry, aerospace engineering, biotech, agriculture and internet technologies

Rabbis Call out State Department for Double Standard on Ben-Gvir vs. Arab Terrorism

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky pointed out, “The bottom line is that Rabbi Kahane never murdered anyone, while the Palestinian Authority, a union of terror organizations, instigates and lauds murders on a daily basis, following the model of its founder, Yasser Arafat..."

US Birthright Participants 160% More Likely to Marry Jews

Participant are also 85% more likely to be attached to Israel, an analysis of Pew Center data finds.

Departing Israel Experience CEO Amos Hermon Got Half a Million Young Jews to Visit...

Israel Experience is the leading organizer for Taglit-Birthright and Masa programs.

AMCHA Report: Attacks on Jewish Identity Doubled on US Campuses

There were 254 attacks on Jewish identity documented on 63 campuses in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Report: 32% of American Jews Have No Jewish Community Association, 53% Critical of Israel

A 60% majority in 2019 said Netanyahu’s support for Trump made them feel less connected to Israel.

MDA Shares AI Dispatch Software with US Hatzalah Groups

“The technology is too good not to share with other lifesaving organizations."

Jewish American Groups View Israeli Vote through Biased Lenses

The statements range the gamut from heavy criticism of incoming coalition’s “extreme” elements to admonishment for US hypocrisy.

Herzog Tells US Jews to Respect Israeli Election Results ‘Whatever the Outcome’

“The results may or may not be to your liking, but the vote of the Israeli people should be respected.”

Meet Religious Zionist Simcha Rothman, Ben Gvir’s Moderate Ally

“We want to restore the system through evolution, not revolution.”

Taliban Approves Restoration of Historic Synagogue in Herat

"We want to prove that we are tolerant and accepting of one another, we seek peace and we are not extremists,” said Zalmay Safa, the head of Herat’s department for safeguarding of historic monuments.


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