Agudath Israel, Catholic Diocese, Win Supreme Court Appeal Against Gov. Cuomo

This was the first opportunity for President Donald Trump's two newest appointments, Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, to cast decisive votes.

169 Jewish Clergies Defend Senate Candidate Warnock Who Accused Israel of Apartheid, Said Jesus...

This is tantamount to your mom and dad having a fight and dad calling in the non-Jewish neighbor to support his position.

Survey Reveals Pro-Biden and Pro-Trump Orthodox Jews Live on Different Planets

Out of 35 issues that people considered when voting, there were less than a handful that both groups agreed were important.

Biden Appoints Five Jews to Top Posts, Boy, Are their Mothers Proud

Ronald A. Klain, Antony John Blinken, Janet L. Yellen, Alejandro N. Mayorkas, and Avril Danica Haines.

Quebec Government Relaxes COVID-19 Restrictions for Christmas, But Not for Hanukah

"The elevating of one faith community over another is inappropriate, and all faith communities should be treated in an equitable manner."

Former PM Olmert: Pollard Should Stay in NY, his Aliyah Would Increase the Damage...

As President Bush was about to leave office in 2009, Pollard requested clemency for the first time, which was supported by former CIA director James Woolsey.

Shalva Band Gets B’nai B’rith Citation for Fostering Israel-Diaspora Relations

Former winners were singers and songwriters Nurit Hirsh, David D’Or, Idan Raichel, David Broza, and Yehoram Gaon.

Netanyahu Tells Russian Jewish Congress ‘Russia-Israel Relations Growing Stronger’

"I'm grateful for the respect and support President Putin gives to Russia's Jewish community. . . relations between Israel and Russia have been growing stronger."

Jewish Agency Launches Emergency Network to Assist Jewish Communities in Crisis

Alongside JReady, The Jewish Agency will continue to operate its Security Assistance Fund, which helps strengthen the security measures of Jewish institutions around the world.

Israeli Suspected of Stealing Millions from French Elderly

The suspect was caught playing volleyball on the beach.

AOC Goes to War Over Biden’s Pick of Rahm Emanuel

“Someone like Rahm Emanuel would be a pretty divisive pick,” AOC said.

Univ. Cambridge Adopts IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

“The adoption of the IHRA definition will go a long way in ensuring Jewish students are safeguarded from antisemitism on their campus.”

Over 40,000 Send Flowers for Shabbat to ‘COVID-19 Heroes’ as Part of Shabbat Project

The “Flowers for Shabbat” initiative was part of this year’s annual international Shabbat Project, which took place in over 1,600 cities and 106 countries around the world.

Dead Terrorist Identified in Vienna, European Jews ‘Shocked, Appalled’ by Attack

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the shooting was “definitely a terror attack” and added that “an anti-Semitic motive cannot be excluded."

Chabad-Lubavitch Emissary Busy in the United Arab Emirates

Rabbi Levi Duchman first came to the UAE in the winter of 2015, following up months later to lead a Passover seder in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. He moved to the country later that year.

Mayor of Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Reveals Halloween Anti-Semitic Prank

"We are a diverse inclusive community. An incident like this is not us. We will heal together and eliminate hate."

38th World Zionist Congress Bridges Partisan Divide, Despite Initial Divisions

More than 700 delegates and thousands of people from 35 countries participated in the online event necessitated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

YouGov Survey: Americans Not Crazy about Israel, Dems Less than Republicans

Democrats like Mexico, France, Cuba, Kenya, and Jamaica more than Republicans; GOP voters like Israel, USA, Poland, Russia, and Ireland more than Democrats.

Knesset Bill to Require Consultation with Diaspora on Matters Regarding World Jewry

Until now, said Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Omer Yankelevitch, Israel spoke to global Jewish leaders only when it was convenient or necessary in their eyes, leading to “miscommunication, hurt and missed opportunities on both sides.”

Poll: 75 Percent of US Jews Would Vote for Biden, While 22 Percent for...

Trump is preferred by 74 percent of Orthodox, 23 percent of Conservative, 20 percent of Reform, 3 percent of Reconstructionist and 14 percent of secular Jews.

Polish Senate Votes to Delay Bill that Would Ban Exports of Kosher Meat

Still, Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the European Jewish Association said “the battle isn’t over. It has merely been postponed. If you kick a can down a road, you will eventually run out of road.”

First Time Ever, World Zionist Congress to Convene Online

Delegates and observers will be able to communicate directly between each other using a special digital platform.

Pittsburgh Jews Warned to ‘Be Vigilant’ as Neo-Nazi Convict Released into Community

“I would hope he is getting mental health counseling and the appropriate rehabilitation but as a community, we need to be vigilant . . . We have no way of knowing for sure.”

Conference of Presidents Drops Civility Complaints between Longtime Members

“The enforcement process results in more communal division than unity, and significant time and resources,” said William Daroff, CEO of the Conference of Presidents, in a statement.

71% of Jews in Europe have Experienced Anti-Semitic Attack – EU Survey

The survey was presented on Tuesday to the Knesset’s Subcommittee on Israel-Diaspora Relations.

President Aliyev Sends Rosh Hashanah Greetings to the Jewish Community of Azerbaijan

The State Department urged Azerbaijan to avoid using the pandemic to silence “civil society advocacy, opposition voices, or public discussion.”

Billboards in New York’s Times Square Display Send-Off of Masa Israel Fellows

Thousands of young adults from around the world have arrived in or are preparing to travel to Israel for a gap year, internship, study abroad, volunteer or professional training program.

100 Orthodox Rabbis to Jeff Bezos: Stop Using Southern Poverty Law Center to Classify...

AmazonSmile relies on the SPLC to determine which charities are eligible and which ones are “hate groups” and thus eligible or not for directed Amazon donations.

Netanyahu Thanks Danish PM for Stance Against Ban on Circumcision

Several Danish political parties have launched another campaign to ban male religious circumcision in the country.

The Jewish Agency Collaborates with Bahraini Jewish Community

The Bahraini Jewish community is small, totaling 50 Jews.


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