Further Details on the Harassment of Simcha Rothman in New York

Simcha Rothman describes the attack on him and his wife on Friday night.

Rothman: Israel Parade Judicial-Reform Protesters ‘Make Our Enemies Happy’

The pro-Israel parade in New York on June 4 should be a time of unity, even as protests are welcome elsewhere, Simcha Rothman told JNS.

Portugal’s Oporto Jews Call on Brethren to Help Preserve Inquisition Records

“The archives are in danger of being lost to time, which would be a tragedy, not just to our past but also the future as millions of people around the world are researching possible Jewish ancestry.”

Well Financed Anarchists Plan to Ruin Israel Day Parade in NYC

So, how can the anti-judicial reform anarchists mess with the parade? We caught their email.

If the World Zionist Congress Attacks Israel’s Government, Does Anyone Care?

They can tell the Israeli government whatever they wish, but they just don’t have a say.

Jewish Life Thriving Near Warsaw Ghetto Deportation Site, Despite Challenges Due to Ukraine War

May marks just 80 years (May 1943) after the Nazi General Jurgen Stroop reported to Adolf Hitler that “The Warsaw Ghetto is no more” in a final report on the liquidation of the Ghetto.

‘Israel @ 75: Renewing the Hope’ is Theme for NY’s ‘Celebrate Israel’ Parade

It will be the task of Israel’s New York Consulate to secure accommodations, travel arrangements and security for every official and his or her entourage.

First Ever ‘Aliyah-In-One’ Day in Teaneck Attracts 350

The day was aimed at expediting the Aliyah process for those who were already in the advanced stages of immigrating to Israel.

Birthright Summer Cuts Participation by 40% Citing Economic Stress

The program has a waiting list of 20,000 young Jewish adults who will be disappointed this summer.

Israel to Commemorate Diaspora Jews Murdered in Antisemitic Attacks

The proposal also aims to deepen the connection and mutual responsibility between the State of Israel and its citizens with the Jews of the Diaspora.

Orthodox Jewish Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland to Retire in 2024 at 80

Cardin criticized Netanyahu for his controversial speech before Congress, without White House approval.

8 Women Who Changed the Face of Israel

The Momentum campaign illustrates how these women have been integral in shaping Israel over the last 75 years.

Lapid Calls on Diaspora Jews to Fight Israel’s Democratically Elected Government

Unlike the Israeli anarchists, Jewish American liberals abhor his kind of thinking and implied methods.

Anarchists Heckling Rothman’s Speech Removed Forcibly at Jewish Federations Conference

Why exactly did the folks with the 64 mandates relinquish control to the brutal street mobs?

Netanyahu Pulls Out of JFNA Summit in Tel Aviv Amid Planned Protests

The Jewish Federations last week said it had decided not to boycott the prime minister as demanded by obscure and unnamed groups.

1000 Mizrachi Leaders Gather for World Orthodox Congress in Jerusalem

Among the delegates are chief rabbis, Orthodox school administrators, and directors of many of the world’s leading Orthodox Jewish organizations.

Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue Shooter Goes to Trial

The defense team claims Bowers suffers from schizophrenia and epilepsy, making an insanity defense likely.

World Zionist Congress Opens with Blowup over Judicial Reform, Law of Return

Police have been called to aid MK Simcha Rothman. It's Left vs. Right at the WZC.

US After-School Hebrew Programs Attendance Down to 141K from 230K 16 Years Ago

"We cannot ignore it and keep saying, well, we heard it’s bad, it used to suck, and it’s still going to suck."

Thousands of Children Across Portugal Visit Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

"We can see and feel that the true lessons of the Holocaust are being forgotten because Jews are not receiving the necessary protection."

Yesh Atid Builds Disinformation Network on Social Media While Lapid Meets with US Democrats

Yesh Atid has developed a network that includes influencers, group coordinators and fictitious accounts, according to Israeli media.

‘Am Echad’ Warns Lapid Making Trouble for Israel in New York

The organization warned in its letter that "rhetoric characterizing the government as “extremist” and “undemocratic” jeopardizes the relationship between Israel and world Jews."

Pew: More Americans Feel Positive than Negative about Jews

35% of Americans express very or somewhat favorable attitudes toward Jews, while 6% express unfavorable attitudes.

Marva Program Changing Young Jewish Lives with a Pinch of IDF

The program inducts these young people as soldiers and takes them through a shortened enlistment process.

Conservative Rabbis’ Cancel Culture Infects Prayer for Israel

Kalmanofsky stated that he does not want Israeli leader's efforts to succeed.

Likud MK Illouz Forms Caucus to Build Bonds with Diaspora Jewry

The caucus, intended to “create bonds with Diaspora Jews,” was formed with the approval of Likud Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana. The effort is not expected to clash with those of Israel’s Diaspora Ministry.


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