Good Bye, NY Jewish Week, and Thank You for All the Stories

The world of Jewish publishing should be a ride in Disneyland: a haunted house where the walls keep pressing in and the floor is creaking open.

As On-Campus Denial of Anti-Zionism as Anti-Semitism Surges, So Do Attacks on Jewish Students

For the second year in a row, US campuses have experienced a significant decline in classic anti-Semitic harassment (down 49%) and a significant increase in Israel-related incidents (up 60%).

Israel Expecting 250,000 Olim in Next 5 Years

The Jewish Agency’s call center is flooded with inquiries, an increase of 50% from English speaking countries and 70% from French-speaking countries.

2nd Lieut. Becky’s Family Came from Canada for Reunion at President Rivlin’s Residence

Becky concluded the meeting with a bashful smile, thanking her commanders in Hebrew for helping her to reach this point and to the president for hosting her and her family.

‘Day of Rage’ Protesters in Boston Chant Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas Slogans, Call for Intifada

“This wasn’t about changing American police policies, but about coarsening and brutalizing the discourse around Israel and Jews through the exploitation of black suffering,” said Dexter Van Zile, an analyst at CAMERA.

Brazil Names First Jewish Chief Justice to Supreme Court

This is the second time Luis Fux, 67, has made history in Brazil; in 2011, he became the first Jewish judge named to the bench of the Federal Supreme Court.

Engel Faces Toughest Race Yet, He Says, with Concerns about Mideast Policy in Mind

“We’re battling for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party,” said the 16-term New York legislator during a virtual event hosted by NORPAC.

Israel Expecting a Doubling in Number of Olim in Coming Months

Although flights have been grounded nearly everywhere in recent months due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Aliyah continued.

Israel, Jewish Orgs, Slam Antisemitism at Paris ‘Anti-Racist’ Demo

More than a third of French Jews refrain from wearing Jewish symbols in public, and a quarter avoids revealing their Jewish identity at work.

Haredi Man Who Led a Double Life Arrested for Punching Woman

In October 2019, Adler was outed by the NY Post as a Haredi man, married to a pregnant wife with three children from Clifton, New Jersey.

Rabbi Stabbed in London’s Stamford Hill, Assailant Arrested

"A rabbi in London was stabbed in the head ... Where's the outrage or major protests from those on the left at this crime against a Jew?"

Cancel Culture Comes to Conference of Presidents

"Jacobs . . . wants to place Klein and his group beyond the Pale as far as mainstream Jewish discourse and politics are concerned."

Israeli in LA: ‘Palestinians’ Piggybacking on US Riots to Wreck Synagogues

“I saw a PLO flag and them shouting to ‘free Palestine.’ I don’t think it was black protesters who did this damage,” Dahan said.

Can NY Jews Go Out After Curfew for Religious Needs?

There have been numerous inquiries about going to the Mikvah or to a Minyan for Maariv...

LA Jewish Owned Pharmacy Reopens After Looting in Race Riots

Friedman stayed up until two in the morning cleaning the store and boarding up the windows. “It looked like the aftermath of a hurricane,” he said.

Palestinian-American Owner of Cup Foods Called Cops on George Floyd over Counterfeit $20

Turns out there's an Arabic equivalent to the infamous "Shvartze" slur – it's "Abeed" and it means slaves. As in the slaves Arab merchants sold in the New World for several centuries.

Museum of Jewish Montreal Told to Vacate Premises by End of June

For the moment, “we have chosen to focus our activities online until the time is right to reopen a physical space. This will allow us to stay nimble and conserve resources while we continue to deliver on our mission.”

Dozens of Nigeria’s Igbo Jews Join Shavei Israel’s Zoom Webinar

"They have been apart for a long time because of the Coronavirus so it was great for them to see each other and know they're all okay, to bring them together in this way.”

Special Prayer Held in Israel for Wellbeing of World Jewry

People from around the world were invited to send their names for prayers.

Tzefat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Calls for Israelis to Reach Out, Support & ‘Strengthen...

"Now is the time. Don't miss it. Now is the time to encourage and strengthen them!"

Historic Presidential Collection by Artist Morris Katz Reintroduced in Honor of Jewish Heritage Month

"The artist famous for completing beautiful portraits within minutes spent an average of 200 hours on each Presidential Collection portrait."

Arsonists Torch Queen Esther & Mordechai’s Historic Tomb in Hamedan, Iran

Under the Ayatollahs and the terrorist movements they have spawned, in recent years there have been annual anti-Semitic protests at the holy site."

FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi Cardozo High School Graduate for Buying Illegal Assault Rifles

Miner was arrested on Tuesday together with his neighbor, Daniel Jou, 40, in a hotel room near La Guardia Airport

Israel Hosts Roundtable to Tackle COVID-19 Challenges Facing Jewish Communities Around the World

Israel is reaching out to the Jews of the Diaspora and has initiated a roundtable of global and regional Jewish organizations to assess the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Jewish communities and prepare a plan for their rehabilitation.

Trump Declares May ‘Jewish American Heritage Month’

The president cited signing an executive order in December combating anti-Semitism, especially directed towards college campuses, as how his administration has been fighting bigotry against Jews.

Ruderman Foundation Condemns Bible Quiz Host for Ridiculing ‘Exile’ Jews

By the way, as is usually the case in these quizzes, the finalists were both Israeli teens, a boy and a girl, and the girl, Ruth Cohen, won. 

Brooklyn Chassidic Rebbe Calls for Massive Aliyah Before It’s Too Late

"Listen to me well, dear Jews, whoever can afford to rise and ascend to the Holy Land should it as soon as possible."

Conference of Presidents Declares New Leadership Structure Amid Opposition to Incoming Chair

The announcement notes that “creating the Chair-elect role enhances the effectiveness of the transition.” Thus far, the transition from Stark to a new chairperson has been anything but smooth or effective.


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