‘The Nesting Dolls’ Author Publishes a Novel about USSR’s Jewish Autonomous Region

Adams draws on her own experiences as a Jewish refugee from Odessa, Ukraine.

Thousands of Jews in Morocco for Hilula of Rabbi Haim Pinto

This was the first such pilgrimage since the start of the coronavirus pandemic to the tomb of the rabbi.

Canada Bans All Commercial Imports of Lulavim

"Lulavs are for personal use only and must accompany the traveler at the time of entry into Canada. Commercial imports are not permitted,” the government website states.

Russian Judge Grants Delay in Jewish Agency Trial

Russian’s seemingly positive response may be an “indication that they are open to the idea of the agency continuing its activities in the country.”

Palace Rearranges Fridays’ Meeting with King to Accommodate Chief Rabbi

"It was absolutely wonderful of them and characteristic of the King."

Forget Falafel Wars, the Latest Battle Is over Vorschmack

According to Jake Marmer, Forshmak is probably the most authentically Jewish herring recipe.

Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital Admits Illegally Firing Jewish Doctor After Antisemitism Complaint

"Karolinska’s admission draws a straight line between the discrimination targeting Dr. Svensson, and the unlawful retaliation he experienced when he reported it.”

France: Jewish Man Butchered by His Housemate

Initially the suspect told investigators the victim owed him 100 euros, but later admitted that he murdered him because he was Jewish.

Chinese, Anyone? New Video Series Explores American Jews’ Food Choices

“Food is one of the most powerful connectors between people and therefore, it is an ideal vehicle for an initiative that forges warmer ties between Israelis and American Jews.”

San Francisco U ‘Finally’ Complies with Antisemitism Lawsuit Agreement

"With the devastating rise in antisemitism on college campuses, it is extremely difficult for Jewish students to navigate their rights without the help of a dedicated professional."

Canada: Jewish Man Viciously Attacked by Former Employee

The victim was taken to a hospital and is listed in stable condition.

NY Governor Signs Bill to Honor and Support Holocaust Survivors

The legislation will require NYSED to identify how non-compliant schools will close gaps in knowledge of the Holocaust in schools.

After Herzog Softened Putin on the Jewish Agency, Lapid Will Call to Negotiate the...

Netanyahu cut the deal for the Alexander yard with Putin following the arrest of a grotesquely unfortunate Israeli passenger with 9.5 grams of hashish on her person.

Trump’s Candidate Leora Levy Running Uphill for Senate in Connecticut Against Blumenthal

Leora Levy deserves to win, she’s a hard worker and her heart is in the right place, but her state isn’t.

These US Jews Are Mad as Hell and They’re Not Going to Take It...

I’m simply stunned by the realization that these astute individuals still believe they can fix it.

Gov. Hochul’s Jewish Aide Killed after Being Kicked to the Highway by Lyft Driver

Lyft issued a statement saying it was “heartbroken by this incident.”

No Entry Visas for Israeli Legal Team to Address Russia’s Jewish Agency Crisis

There is fear that Russia may even go so far as to prevent Jews from immigrating to Israel.

Four Arrested in Ramapo, New York for Targeting Jews in Hate Incidents

The charges include reckless endangerment as a hate crime, criminal possession of a weapon, conspiracy, aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.

When Lincoln Borrowed a Philadelphia Rabbi’s Tammuz 17 Reference for the Gettysburg Address

In 1863, the day of Shabbat, July 4, Independence Day, fell on the first day of the three weeks, Tammuz 17, but because it was Shabbat, as is the case this year, 2019, the fast was pushed off to Sunday.

Mothers of Lone Soldiers Reunite with their Children in Jerusalem

35 mothers of lone soldiers from around the world visited Israel and were hosted by First Lady Michal Herzog.

‘Israel Must Prepare for a Wave of Immigrants’ from Russia

"Should Russia decide to stop Jewish immigration, leaving Jews stuck in Russia, it will be on our conscience."

San Antonio’s Antisemitic Threat Alert Is Over

There is no longer a "known imminent threat" to the San Antonio Jewish community.

Camp Ramah to Allow Kids to Bunk According to Gender Identity

Camp Ramah says it recognizes this may represent a “learning zone” for some of its families. But what is the message to the heterosexual children?

KKL-JNF Releases Old Maccabiah Images to Celebrate the 2022 Games

The Maccabiah Games were proposed by Yosef Yekutieli in 1929 at the Maccabi World Congress.

A Year Past Gaza Skirmishes Hundreds of British Youths Renovate Bomb Shelters in Ashdod

"It was sad o hear from the neighbors about the missiles and that they had to go down to the shelter quickly to protect themselves."

Cool Victory: Unilever Grants Ben & Jerry’s Israel the Right to Continue Selling in...

In the end, Unilever announced on Wednesday that it had sold its Ben & Jerry’s business interests in Israel to Zinger.

It’ll Be a 6-3 Court for a While Now: High School Football Coach Wins...

Expect these exchanges between the 3 Jewish liberals and 6 Catholic conservatives to persist.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Launching First Charter Aliyah Flight Since Start of Covid

“My sister made Aliyah a few years back as a professional basketball player and played for the Israeli women’s national team."


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