About Time: Jewish Agency to Develop Aliyah Programs for Medical Professionals

In 2020, about 950 medical and paramedical professionals immigrated to Israel from around the world, including more than 300 physicians who made Aliyah with the assistance of The Jewish Agency.

Andrew Yang Tells Jewish Agenda Mayoral Forum He Won’t Enforce Core Curriculum Subjects in...

“I do not think we should be prescribing a curriculum unless that curriculum can be demonstrated to have improved impact on people’s career trajectories and prospects afterwards.”

Federal Court Rules Against Cuomo’s Limitations on Capacity at Houses of Worship

They will now return to the 50-percent-capacity limit that was in place before the New York governor’s zone plan.

Alejandro Mayorkas Confirmed as First Immigrant Secretary of Homeland Security, Loves Mahaneh Yehuda

Mayorkas loves Israeli food and the atmosphere in the Mahaneh Yehuda open market in Jerusalem.

Rabbi, Cantor Hang Mezuzah at Israel Diamond Exchange Office in Dubai

They were joined by Ahmed Bin Sulayem, executive chairman of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.

Tu BiShvat Program Highlights Importance of Jewish Diaspora

The program sends Modern Orthodox, Religious Zionist rabbis, and educators to serve in communal and educational leadership positions in Jewish communities around the world.

Tu BiShvat Starts Wednesday Night – Tasty and Mysterious

On Tu BiShvat 1890, Rabbi Ze'ev Yavetz, one of the founders of the Mizrachi movement, took his students to plant trees in Zichron Yaakov, just south of Haifa on the Mount Carmel.

Club Z Urges US Education Authorities to Adopt Jewish Students’ Bill of Rights

Free expression of their Jewish identity, a fair education, a safe learning environment, a comprehensive definition of antisemitism, and a fair protections.

Israeli Lawyer Joins German ‘Team Liberty’ Fighting Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Attorney Turgal petition to the High Court of Justice regarding the obligation of wearing facemasks in public places in Israel was rejected.

NY Republicans & Gov. Cuomo Urged Trump Not to Pardon Shelly Silver

Cuomo could just keep his mouth shut and let the chips fall where they may on the Trump pardon of Shelly Silver. How I wish he had.

East Broadway Station at the Heart of the Lower East Side Celebrates 85th Birthday

When the first subway train arrived at the Lower East Side station, it was welcomed with “gleeful shouts, applause, confetti and shouts of hurrah,” according to the Forward report.

NYPD to Try Anti-Harassment Inspector Who Posted Racist, Anti-Semitic Messages

The NYPD investigators concluded that Kobel lied in his interview last week when he denied being Clouseau.

UAE Reunites 2 Yemenite Jewish Families After 21 Years of Separation

The family members were kept apart due to the security situation in Yemen and financial difficulties.

PA Spreads Corona Libel Even as Israel Secretly Vaccinates Abbas’s Inner Circle

Former IDF spokesperson Peter Lerner tweeted: "Blaming the worlds failures on the Jews, now why does that sound familiar?"

NY AG Recuses Self from Gary Schlesinger’s Vaccine Investigation

The investigation into the ParCare Community Health Network's alleged fraud will continue, but the AG herself will have “zero involvement” in it.

This Friday Jews Say Kaddish for Holocaust Victims Whose Time and Place of Death...

Even those blessed souls who keep all the Tisha B'Av restrictions on 10 Tevet must take a nice shower this Friday in honor of Shabbat.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Partners with UNHCR in Advocacy for Refugees

Since 1975, HIAS has changed its policy and is directing its resources to assist refugees and immigrants of all religions, ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds.

Boston Born Lt. O (21) First American Woman to Graduate IAF Flight School

Lt. O is a lone soldier, having enlisted in the IDF with no immediate family in Israel, but she is well taken care of by Friends of the IDF.

Can You Stun and Shecht? How EU Commission Puts Kosher Lipstick on a Pig

Fine, we understand, you want Jews to stay, but what if these Jews want to eat a kosher burger?

Be First on Your Block to Watch Aviv Geffen & Avraham Fried Singing Together

To say that they belong in two extremely divergent universes would be an understatement, and yet Aviv Geffen and Avraham Fried released in a new duet of brotherly love.

Kosher Meat Shortages Ahead as EU Court Permits Shechitah Ban

"This is a dark day for the Jewish communities in Belgium and across Europe."

Bar-Ilan U Launches Online Professional Development Series for Jewish Day Schools

The Lookstein Center offers a broad range of teacher training opportunities to reach as many teachers as possible.

Paris Mayor’s Request Keeps Eiffel Tower Menorah Tradition Alive

Precautions would have to be taken and the event would be shorter than usual, but it would indeed take place.

Jews from Small Communities in the US ‘Long for Direct Contact with Israelis to...

The event was a sign of appreciation of small communities in North America for their support of Israel and insistence on keeping their Jewish identity and celebrating the Jewish Holidays.

Knesset Committee Allows Non-Israeli Diaspora Jews to Enlist in Israel’s National Service

The goal of the amendment is to encourage Aliyah and strengthen the connection with Diaspora Jewry.

Great Neck Yeshiva’s Website Taken Over by Nazis

Curiously, one of the added pages read: "May Allah save your soul."

Pro-Trump Protesters Blow Shofar in DC to Repeat Joshua’s Battle of Jericho Miracle

Organizers and church groups called on their people to show up at “Jerico Marches,” and at the "Stop the Steal" rally in DC.


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