Conference of Presidents Drops Civility Complaints between Longtime Members

“The enforcement process results in more communal division than unity, and significant time and resources,” said William Daroff, CEO of the Conference of Presidents, in a statement.

71% of Jews in Europe have Experienced Anti-Semitic Attack – EU Survey

The survey was presented on Tuesday to the Knesset’s Subcommittee on Israel-Diaspora Relations.

President Aliyev Sends Rosh Hashanah Greetings to the Jewish Community of Azerbaijan

The State Department urged Azerbaijan to avoid using the pandemic to silence “civil society advocacy, opposition voices, or public discussion.”

Billboards in New York’s Times Square Display Send-Off of Masa Israel Fellows

Thousands of young adults from around the world have arrived in or are preparing to travel to Israel for a gap year, internship, study abroad, volunteer or professional training program.

100 Orthodox Rabbis to Jeff Bezos: Stop Using Southern Poverty Law Center to Classify...

AmazonSmile relies on the SPLC to determine which charities are eligible and which ones are “hate groups” and thus eligible or not for directed Amazon donations.

Netanyahu Thanks Danish PM for Stance Against Ban on Circumcision

Several Danish political parties have launched another campaign to ban male religious circumcision in the country.

The Jewish Agency Collaborates with Bahraini Jewish Community

The Bahraini Jewish community is small, totaling 50 Jews.

Norway Arrests Suspect in 1982 Attack on Jewish Restaurant in Paris

The terror attack left six people dead and at least 20 wounded.

First US-Israel Conference on Humanitarian Response to Covid-19 Held Next Monday

“Unfortunately, the Covid-19 crisis is here to stay, and therefore this dialogue is a unique opportunity for the NGOs to build up their impact on the field."
Religious Circumcision

Danish Jews Threatened by Circumcision Ban, Community Leader Warns

"Denmark saved Jewish life during the Holocaust, and now it may end Jewish life in the kingdom," says Danish Jewish community president Henri Goldstein.

100 London Reform Jews Can Now Be Buried with Like-Minded Progressives

The interment of non-Jewish remains would be carried out in a secular service led by the Rabbi, and the plots are available for use immediately through Bromley Reform Synagogue.

Abducted Jewish Businessman Rescued from Captivity by Kyiv Police

Police were able to track down the businessman and rescue him after his wife reported him missing the next morning.

Enraged Knife Man Tries to Reach Jewish Children on Brooklyn School Bus

A quick-eyed Jewish preschool teacher became the hero of the day this past Friday afternoon when she spotted a man with a knife exiting...

‘Hitler Was Right’ Flyers Posted on Arizona State U Campus

"Words of bigotry can never be ignored. When condemnable words go unanswered, it emboldens the evil, and leads to negative actions."

Cancel Culture: Leftwing Groups Seek to Oust ZOA from Boston JCRC Over BLM Opposition

ZOA told JNS that another example of the far-left’s “cancel culture” is aimed at “undermining” the organization, as well as “Klein’s strong defense of Israel and the Jewish people.”

NCSY Did NOT Participate in Pro-BLM Ad

“NCSY was incorrectly referenced in a New York Times advertisement placed by BEND THE ARC.”

Israel Immediately Deports 2 Yeshiva Students from London Arriving without Authorization

A total 17,000 male and female, religious and secular, older and younger foreign students have arrived in Israel for a year of studies -- first entering a 14-day quarantine.

Report: Jewish Tombstones Appear to be Used in Nassau County Construction Project

"How did Jewish tombstones come to be used as a road bed on the bank of Hook Creek in Nassau County?? Where are they from?"

Look Who’s Arab American Now

“Beinart strings together an astonishing array of sleights of hand and misrepresentations ... little more than a screed that is an insult to the intelligence of his readers."

Fire Ravages Jewish Girls’ Camp Outside Albany

Due to the coronavirus regulations, the camp was not in session.

A Look Inside Dubai’s Synagogue

The leaders of the Dubai congregation say they represent a growing trend in the acceptance of the Jewish State among its more benign neighbors in the region.

18 Injured in Bridge Collapse in Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region

In the spring of 1928, 654 Jews arrived to settle in the area; however, by October 1928, half of them had left because of the severe conditions.

ZOA Delighted: ‘Israelophobe’ Beinart Resigned from World Zionist Congress Post

Peter Beinart is notorious for leading and co-signing a public call in 2016 for a “targeted boycott of all goods and services from all Israeli settlements.”

ADL VP: Jews Around the World Fear Coronavirus Scapegoating

Anti-Defamation League’s Dr. Sharon S. Nazarian also addressed “complexities” of Jewish community’s approach to Black Lives Matter.

Corona Czar Gamzu Against Letting In 16,000 US Yeshiva Students

"We need to do something wise here to prevent another fire," Gamzu said.

Bar-Ilan Befriends Diaspora Jewish Communities Coping with Coronavirus

In the US alone, more than one hundred people from the Halabi Jewish community died in one month.

NY Jewish Schools Join First Global Network of Israel Educators

Schools participating in the 2020/2021 program include Magen David Yeshiva, Yeshiva of Flatbush, SAR Academy, The Ramaz School and Schechter Manhattan.

Local German Jewish Leaders Warn Anti-Semitism Growing, Urge Emigration

Nine months after the Yom Kippur attack on the small Jewish community in Halle, Germany, local leaders say anti-Semitism is only getting worse.


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