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NYC Mayor Eric Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Adams had a strong message this week for the “woke” folks who have no problem with wealthy residents fleeing the city.


“To continually attack high-income earners where 50 percent of our taxes are paid by two percent of New York . . . It blows my mind when I hear people say ‘Leave,’ Adams said during a news conference with Governor Kathy Hochul.

“No, YOU leave!” Adams said. “I need my high-income earners right here in this city.”

Adams warned, “We are America’s city, and the way goes New York, goes America.”

The mayor vowed to rejuvenate the city, which stumbled under the twin burdens of the coronavirus pandemic and rising crime exacerbated by the state’s bail reform law that turned courthouses into revolving doors for repeat offenders.

The mayor and governor were addressing the Association For a Better New York power breakfast at Cipriani’s in the financial district, where they presented a shared vision for the post-COVID era in the city.

Hochul likewise told the gathering that she sees the current era as a “great opportunity” to ensure the beating heart of the city “never goes on life support . . . I don’t want to head into 2023 to 2030 and say, ‘Boy, I wish we had done something sooner.

“Take the same building that is 40 percent full, I’m looking at ‘Can people live there? Can there be a childcare center there? Can there be a nice restaurant? Can we have co-working space? Can we just do something creative? Have a tech hub, you know, bring in dorm housing for students,” she said.

“We were the epicenter of terrorism, and we were the epicenter of COVID, but again we’re going to get up,” Adams vowed.

“We’re going to show the country why we are New York, and this new New York conversation is going to show how together we get all cylinders operating on the same engine to regain our economy, regain our city, and we leave no one behind.”

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