Photo Credit: European Union 2020 - European Parliament / EU
King Abdullah II of Jordan addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Jan. 15, 2020

The King of Jordan addressed the ongoing riots in the country for the first time on Saturday: “Violence against Jordanian security forces is unacceptable. We will act decisively against those who wish to harm the state and cause damage to public property. We will not tolerate violence against security personnel whose job is to keep the public safe.”

The Jordanian Interior Minister, for his part, announced the reinforcement of security personnel in areas where riots took place, adding that the murder of the police officer will not go unpunished and that there is a difference between non-violent protest and violent acts and vandalism.


As for TikTok, Jordanian security officials admitted to blocking the popular social media platform earlier today, claiming that the move is temporary and adding that whoever spreads hatred, incites violence, and destroys public property will be prosecuted.

While wearing a military uniform, King Abdullah visited the family of the police officer who was shot and killed by a protester in Ma’an.

The country’s Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of 44 demonstrators today.


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