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(JNS) The New York City Police Department has released a wanted poster featuring a man allegedly involved in an incident where a mob singled out “Zionists” on a southbound No. 5 subway train.

The unidentified man, captured in surveillance footage, is seen wearing a keffiyeh and displaying the colors of the PLO flag on his shoulders. He is described as having dark sunglasses and a chin strap-style beard.


According to police, the suspect chanted on June 10, “Raise your hands if you’re a Zionist. Repeat after me; this is your chance to get out,” while the train was stopped at Manhattan’s Union Square station. The NYPD is seeking the suspect on suspicion of attempted coercion.

The incident gained public attention two days later when video footage went viral, prompting one subway rider to file a police complaint. Authorities are urging other passengers who felt threatened, as well as anyone with information about the suspect, to come forward.

A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams addressed the incident, stating, “New York City will always protect the right to free speech, but we will never allow our city to descend into lawlessness. Threatening New Yorkers based on their beliefs is not only vile, it’s illegal and will not be tolerated.”

As investigations continue, the NYPD seeks public assistance in identifying and locating the subway suspect, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in addressing such incidents.

Originally published by Israel Hayom.

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