Photo Credit: Nati Shohat / Flash 90
Fruit and vegetables for sale in an Israeli market

An Israeli resident of Petach Tikva was shot to death in his car on Saturday after shopping for vegetables in the Palestinian Authority city of Kalkilya, in Area A.

Amnon Mokhtar, 66, had been shopping for his vegetables every Saturday in Kalkilya and was known to the local merchants in the city. A bag of vegetables was found in his car after his murder.


Mokhtar was apparently still alive when he was taken to Qalqilya Government Hospital for initial medical treatment, but died of his wounds shortly after. Civil administration officers facilitated his transfer via the Red Crescent medical service to a Magen David Adom ambulance. Israel medical personnel pronounced his death shortly after.

ideo clips on social media later showed his car in flames, torched by terrorists.

Israelis are prohibited from entering Area A under the internationally-recognized Oslo Accords, although the document has for years been largely ignored by both sides.

“This is Area A. It is forbidden and dangerous for Israeli citizens to be there. The army has no way to protect them,” a Palestinian Authority security official told Ynet.

“He loved to travel there, he knew the people there, everyone loved him. It’s tragic that it ended like this, he didn’t think that’s what they would do to him there. He wouldn’t hurt anyone and always helped those in need,” Mokhtar’s son Nir told Ynet.

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