Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Anthony Quintano
Secular New Year's Eve in NYC's iconic Times Square. (archive)

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers and visitors from around the world have been packing into Times Square since Saturday afternoon to watch the iconic Big Apple Ball drop at One Times Square on secular New Year’s Eve.

Celebrations are slated to begin with the lighting and raising of the New Year’s Eve Ball at 6 pm, followed by distribution of special party favors distributed by Times Square Alliance sanitation crews dressesd in bright red uniforms.


Vehicular traffic to the area will be cut off at 3 pm.

Anyone who has watched the festivities on television from the comfort of their home – and those adventurous enough to actually attend the event in person – know those items include those famous hats, glasses and noisemakers.

It’s a little bit like a secular version of a giant Purim bash.

Sixty seconds before midnight, the New Year’s Eve Ball will begin its descent to a loud countdown by the crowd, expected to number at least 50,000 this year.

At the stroke of midnight, the crystal lights on the massive Ball will be turned off, and the numerals “2023″ will glow above Times Square, officially marking the start of the new year as one ton of confetti showers the crowd.

Readers can watch the proceedings live on the internet here.


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