Photo Credit: Google Maps
Rabbi Rottenberg's Shul on Monsey, NY

Multiple people have been wounded in a stabbing attack in Rabbi Chaim Rottenburg’s (Rottenberg) shul, Netzach Yisrael, on Forshay Road in Monsey, NY, on Saturday night.

The attack began in the Rabbi’s home, which is adjoined to the synagogue. The Chassidic community had gathered to light Chanukah candles, to be followed by a Chanukah party. The call to emergency services came in at 9:50 PM.


A black man wielding a machete, with his face covered with a scarf, entered the home and began attacking people. He then tried to get into the shul which was locked, and people blocked his way by throwing tables and chairs at him, until he ran off and drove away.

Reports indicated that five victims were hospitalized with stab wounds, including a man who is in serious condition, and 2 more who are critically wounded.

There are reports that the suspect was captured by the NYPD in the 32nd precinct in Harlem.

This attack is the latest in an unprecedented series of violent, deadly attacks against Jews in the NY tri-state area.

Prayers can be said for:
Yosef ben Perel Neiman
Chaim ben Vittel Rottenberg
Naftali Tzvi ben Gila
Shloima ben Vittel Rottenberg
Meir Rottenberg

Correction: The original photo showed the Rudinski shul, which is one house over on Forshay Rd.


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