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Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg

Despite recent polls suggesting Jews may not be voting as a monolithic bloc for the Democratic ticket, at least in this presidential race, it still has to be lonely being a rabbi who has publicly committed to supporting Mitt Romney for U.S. president.  And it must be even lonelier for someone who publicly committed to creating an organization called “Rabbis for Romney.”

But when you talk to the man behind that organization, you discover that not only is he not lonely, he is not a particularly partisan individual. In fact, he’s a registered Democrat, whose sole purpose for starting Rabbis for Romney  is that he didn’t want there to be rabbis united for only one candidate, when he knows that there are Jews who also support Romney.


And while, unlike Rabbis for Obama, Rabbis for Romney does not boast hundreds of members, Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg is confident that the hundreds of hours and thousands of emails he has written has had an impact.  He knows there are people who are just a little bit better informed because of the efforts he and his dozens of volunteers have put in.

Rabbi Rosenberg makes it very clear that he is not a conspiracy theorist and he insists that “the president of the United States deserves our respect,” he explained to The Jewish Press.

The basic policy differences that Rosenberg sees between the choices for president this year are: partisanship, the economy, and the threat Iran poses to Israel and to all of western civilization.

On all three, he sees Romney as the one more likely to be a better leader.  He thinks Romney is more likely to be willing to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats than Obama has done and would do in a second term with the Republicans.

Romney is someone, according to Rabbi Rosenberg, who not only has many years of experience in the business world, but he actually understands how business works both on the smallest scale, on up to the largest size corporations.

And finally, for someone born in a Displaced Persons camp whose parents were both survivors of the horrors of the Holocaust, it is Rabbi Rosenberg’s belief that left undeterred, Iran will perpetrate another Holocaust on the world’s Jews, and do its best to destroy western civilization in the process. Rosenberg is convinced that Obama will not do what needs to be done to prevent that catastrophe.

What Rosenberg doesn’t believe is that what people see in the presidential debates matters.  “Both sides lie, these are shows, with the players coached by fantastic people.”  As someone who lost virtually his entire extended family to evil, Rosenberg isn’t easily charmed by such shows.  “Anyone who believes either side is a fool.”

When asked how his congregation feels about his latest project, Rosenberg says he “does not discuss it with them.”  He believes the sanctuary is sacred and should not be used for politics.

But deciding to create a group called Rabbis for Romney is not the only time Rosenberg has put his beliefs into action.  He told The Jewish Press that he has volunteered for every war Israel has been involved in, not in combat units, but as a volunteer, for example, in hospitals.

The reason he wants Jews to be knowledgeable about the choice they will be making in this year’s election, is because, while he does “not think Obama is evil or an enemy of Israel,” he thinks “Obama is the wrong man for this time.”  It may sound nice, says Rosenberg, for Obama to try to make peace with extremist Muslims, “but it cannot be done.”  And, despite his promises, “Obama has failed to turn around the economy.”

When asked his position on Obamacare, and whether it isn’t part of Jewish values to take care of everyone, Rosenberg agrees that “it is a mitzvah to help others,” but helping others does not mean encouraging them not to rely on themselves.  When Rosenberg’s father came to America, he was given $13 from the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and that’s it.  There was no food stamps, there was no welfare, his father only spoke Yiddish, but he worked hard and Rabbi Rosenberg, the only child of his parents who survived the Holocaust, proudly reveals that he has two masters degrees and two doctorates, and is the author of several books.

When Rabbis for Obama was launched, a long list of members was released, and the claim was that there were 613 members in the group – a significant number, of course, because it corresponds to the number of mitzvot.  But there was immediate controversy about some of the members, a number of whom are not considered to be rabbis according to halacha, and quite a few of whom had ultra-left-wing views, and had engaged in activity that suggested outright hostility to the Jewish State.

Rosenberg won’t disclose the names of the rabbis who have signed on to Rabbis for Romney, he says “there is just too much hostility directed against them by too many Jews.” He told The Jewish Press that he received an email after announcing Rabbis for Romney, that said that he “should have been cremated with the rest of his relatives.”  Still, he is pleased with the numbers who have signed on and with the support he has received from so many.

Rabbi David Algaze of Havurat Yisrael, in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, is the co-chairman of Rabbis for Romney.  Algaze recently said in an interview with The Jewish Star, “We clearly deny the impression created by the Rabbis for Obama that American Jews want ‘daylight’ between America and Israel, as Obama declared, or that the social views espoused by these Rabbis are rooted in our authentic tradition.”

Both Rabbis Algaze and Rosenberg acknowledge that the American Jewish community historically supports the Democratic Party, many fully believing it is one of the 613 mitzvot. “However,” Rabbi Rosenberg has written, “this tie pales in comparison to ties of 5773 years. Mitt Romney’s outspoken support of Israel has left no ambiguity. I believe he is genuine. While you may not agree with Mitt Romney’s positions on various issues that matter to you; in this election his support of Israel trumps everything else. He deserves our support. This is our opportunity to end up on the right side of history. Let’s not miss it.”

Given his personal history, perhaps the single greatest organizing principle of Rabbi Rosenberg’s life has been “never again.” But, he says, “Without Israel, ‘Never Again’ is nothing more than a mere slogan.”


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Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a contributor to the A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email:


  1. Jews who care about Israel's survival have a choice.

    Vote for Obama and see a nuclear armed Iran nuke Israel.


    Vote for Romney and see him give Iran an ultimatum to give up its nuclear program or be attacked.

    As a liberal California Democrat, I like a lot of both Obama's and Dianne Feinstein's policies.

    But Feinstein has declared against a military option under any circumstance, while.

    Obama has made only ambiguous threats with others in his administration saying no military strike.

    There are many other issues for Americans to consider, But a nuclear armed Iran trumps all of them.

  2. "there is just too much hostility directed against them by too many Jews".

    And there has been similar vitriol directed towards the rabbis who endorsed President Obama, some of it in the comment fields of this site. No wonder rabbis are cowed into silence on important issues. One can disagree while still accepting that your adversary is a good Jew committed to the welfare of America, Israel, and the Jewish people. While I disagree with Rabbi Rosenberg on this issue, I decry any vitriol that may have been directed towards him.

  3. Obama has a very sad history relating to support of Israel. He questioned the legitimacy of the settlements, asked Israel to make concessions and asked nothing of the Arabs. He said that solving the Israel/Muslim problem would lead to solving the problems of the Middle East. He also said that the State of Israel was established because of the holocaust. He demanded a settlement freeze and return to the 67 borders, but made no demands of the Arabs. The settlement freeze became a pre-condition for peace. His treatment of Prime Minister Natanyahu was despicable and in contrast, he met with Arab leaders and treated them with respect.

  4. Every President since Lyndon Johnson has opposed settlements in the WB and Gaza. It is not true that Obama has asked nothing of the Arabs. It is hard to argue that the guilt feelings from not having done anything to prevent the holocaust did not contribute to the willingness of the world to tolerate a new Jewish state. Obama did not demand a return to the 1967 borders; he simply repeated Bush's policy that they should be the basis for negotiations. Israel's treatment of Vice President Biden was despicable and the snub to Netanyahu was a necesssary payback to save face for the US. (Do you not care about America's honor, too?)

  5. I don't think Romney is immoral — just mistaken on domestic policy and mistaken on foreign policy.

    I do think that Ayn Rand's ideology is immoral, and Romney's running mate is follows that ideology, as evidenced by this:

    Rand was an atheist hedonist, with a scandalous personal life, and a avowed enemy of everything religious. If you don't believe me, hear her own words:

  6. Let's review your "one issue" concept of the "bigoted" Jews who by your definition have the sheer audacity to oppose a know Jew hater! obama sat in a pew in front of rev wright for 20 yrs as wright spewed forth Jew hating venom and supposedly never heard a word; obama is the major proponent of the muslim brotherhood financing and arming them to the teeth – all following their President being taped repeatedly saying Amen to sermons calling for the extermination of Jews; your obama KNEW the benghazi massacre was underway and was watching it in REAL TIME and ordered US military to stand down blaming some supposed "Israeli and his 100 Jew financiers; obama REFUSES to speak out against the jihadi onslaught against women (latest of which is his silence over the 14 year old shot in the head in Pakistan; women that work for him get paid on average 18% less then men. His allowing the black panthers to threaten voters; his arming narco-terrorists – weapons that now have massacred over 400 Mexican civilians and at least 6 YS LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS; obama has now STARTED NEW wars in Libya, Yemen, Mexico, Pakistan, The CAR, Mali, Somalia, and has put US boot on the ground in Jordan to start a war in Syria and potentially take his adviser Powers' advice to attack Israel

    And there is so much more!

    One issue?

    Let's get real Michael: your opening comment alleging that disagreeing with obama is an act of bigotry says volumes for the type of lemming you really are. Why didn't you just quote chris matthews who alleges disagreeing with obama is unconstitutional? All that put together – you should adhere to your admonition about lying – given obama's whole career and presidency is based on lies.

  7. I wish to know If president Obama is for the United States or for Iran.We did not want to get into a war with Germany.just like with Iran Millions of peaple died for thet mitake.President Obama Who is bossing the situation with Iran russia Syria Iraq and the rest of the middle east country.You should cry in shame for allowing what happend to this country because of your so called leadership.

  8. What we see here is another useful idiot and or Marxist democrat drone!

    He calls Mitt Romney "utterly" immoral–when it is Barack Obama who is Utterly immoral–it was Barack Obama who repeatedly voted as a senator to murder unborn children–even those who had been born!

    Barack Obama also voted to deny Americans their civil right to defend themselves against violent criminals.

    And Barack Obama and the Marxist democrat party–are not good on civil rights–they repeatedly trample the civil rights of Americans every day and have for decades.

  9. Jean Pierre Katz, let's make one thing absolutely clear, your choices as to what will happen is striclty your opinion and not a fact!

    The fact of the matter is that willard has no plans to attack Iran. He wants to continue the blockcade. On the other hand, President Obama has made it clear that he would attack if and when necessary.

    You are foolish to think willard is so string and powerful when he is really a chicken hawk. He is willing to send you and your son to fight, but would NEVER himself fight or send his sons to fight!

    President Obama has demonstrated over and over agin he will iuse force if and when necessary. willard has no such plan and will not attack especially if his millitary advisors say not and as of now the joint chiefs are not calling for a war with Iran.

  10. Rc Fowler ou are completely wrong! President Obama has demonstrated over and over again he will use force when necessary!

    On the other hand, willard is full of bluster! He talks a good game but has never sent anyone to fight anything. He is a chicken hawk
    who is willing for you and you son to go fught, but would never himself fight or send his sons to fight, that's you job!

  11. Francine Lashinsky – Are you aware that willard has NEVER helped Israel in any way manner shape or form and currently has the same Israel policy as President Obama!

    As a matter of fact, the only thing willard has ever done for any Jew was to baptize dead Jews into the Mormon faith! Wonder if he baptized any of your relatives and perhaps you are no longer Jewish!

  12. Rc Fowler It is clear you have no understanding of what a Marxist is!

    If you want to classify President Obama a Marxist then you must classify willard as a fascist! You do know that it was the fascists who tried to gas all the Jews.

    You do know willard has NEVER done a damned thing for any Jew except to baptized dead Jews into the Mormon religion! Maybe he baptized some of your dead relatives!

    Rc Fowler, it is idiot people like you who cause anti-semitism and we need you to stop!

  13. Hi Charlie Hall, In this case I have to agree with Michael N. Marcus, willard is indeed immoral. He has lots of credits to his negative side which shows how immoral he is.

    Forget the fact that when he was on his mission in France and caused an automobile accident which killed a passenger in his car, he spent lots of time in France, baptizing dead Jews into the Mormon faith. He still believes that is the right thing to do and does not regret what he did!

    He continues to lie and misreprent what he has accomplished and how bad he will be for America and especially Jews if he is elected!

  14. Israel Teitelbaim you comment is totally NOT TRUE!
    What repubs are in support of is having the public pay for private schools including Yashivias and Catholic schools (but of course not private Muslim schools!) Democrats are opposed to using public money to send kids to private schools!

    Lets be honest about this!

  15. @Edward: How about a response to Mikey's comments that Jews are "bigoted" and voting against obama is "bigoted." That reflects NBC's comments by chris matthews who claimed criticizing obama is "unconstitutional."

    You mention the car crash: You may want to check your FACTS before demonizing (although demoslamist lies and demonizing is quite the norm!). Romney did not cause the crash – a DRUNK CATHOLIC PRIEST did and killed a Mormon missionary! So, as your buddy Mikey state, lying is immoral – and you are purposely lying!!

    As for the baptisms, he did NOT engage in the Baptisms and I defy you to prove he did – and please don't post your usual sources from

    As for knowing who will do what to Jews, obama and hillary have offered significant indication: their overt Antisemitism; their slavish devotion to the muslim brotherhood; obama alleging he sat in the front pew of wright for 20 years and never heard him utter an Antisemitic comment; his beholden to his paymaster soros, an admitted nazi who called his days helping the nazis the "happiest days of [his] life." I can continue if you wish. And I checked your FB page: The repeated obfuscations speak volumes. And anyone that admires a misogynist and Jew hater like Maher has issues themselves. But you have sufficiently proven yourself to be either ignorant or an outright liar. Either of which will require you to again review mikey's admonition about immorality.

  16. Edward knows nothing of FACTS! You are right about one thing – obaa will use force when it suite the benefits of jihadists. To date he has begun 10 NEW wars on Chinese credit cards as he likes to put it: The CAR, Somalia, Libya, Troops in Jordan to prep attacks against Syria and Israel, Yemen, Pakistan, Mexico, Honduras, and helping the ottoman genocide against the Kurds. obama's military chief of staff has referred to Israel's daring to defend itself as criminal while obama's senior security adviser (and soros employee) has called for a "US led NATO invasion of Israel to return the land to the indigenous people and send the Jews back to Europe." FACT is obama is an existential threat not to Israel but to Jews. But then, Edward knows and appreciates that

  17. OH – and did I leave out that edward agrees with the comment that "only bigoted and ignorant Jews" would vote against obama – as you indicated in your defense of your fellow obfuscator mikey

  18. eddie still talking to G-d? Take note eddie……obama is NOT G-d! Perhaps in the jihadi world…but not in anyone's reality. Ease off the meds before even an intervention couldn't help.

    But I notice you…like any good demoslamist, resorts to personal attacks once you've been exposed for what you really are

  19. First of all, in reading edward's comments, I have to ask what you would ever know about the truth. So … in reading your comments, you would approve of private school funding – as long as the funding was for jihadi schools? Thanks for that clarification!

    Most demoslamists are opposed to private school options for one simple reason – the vast amounts of PAC funds they receive from the teachers' unions

  20. I finally agree with eddy – obama is NOT a marxist or socialist or communist! PERIOD. barack obama, like his paymaster soros, is a race baiting profiteering carpet bagging opportunist! PERIOD If you have any doubts look to benghazi and his support of the hezbollah run mexican narco terrorists. People being murdered so he can earn a few pieces of silver are naught more than "not optimal" collateral damage

  21. About as Jewish as the kapos of the 30s. But keep "speaking to G-d" (by the way the "G" is capitalized which indicates your lack of respect to the beliefs of Jews), eddie. But sooner or later, you will understand that the REAL G-d and obama are NOT one and the same.

    But again, eddie stages personal attacks because he has no ability to respond. Perhaps a good nite studying mein kampf will give you new quotes to use

  22. have you noticed rc-eddie like every faithful demoslamist migrates to meds-induced personal attacks when his lies have been exposed? it's a typical ploy that their massa obama perfected

  23. I have spoken with Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg on the phone a few times & have E mailed him on numerous occasions. First & foremost, he is a Rabbi, and he is Non-Partisan. His interest, like mine, is the safety and security of Israel. Like me, he feels that President Obama says one thing, but his actions don't support his words…

    Here is one simple question that President Obama will do anything to avoid answering…

    What is the Capital of Israel?

    The State Department refuses to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.. And President Obama has never shown any interest in signing the executive order telling the State Department to change their policy.

    Mitt Romney will be much more inclined to Treat jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    With respect to Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over, and President Obama has turned a blind eye to the situation.

  24. I am a Democrat and I support public funding for private schools as long as the schools follow an acceptable curriculum. This is done in parts of Canada and in numerous European countries. It is also done in Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine, although only non-religious private schools are eligible. Many Democrats support this, in particular minority parents whose kids are stuck in underperforming public schools. Those are groups we should ally with.

  25. Mitt Romney barely made any significant distinctions on any foreign policy matter between himself and the President during last night's debate; in fact he came around to several of President Obama's policies.

    Do not expect Romney to change a 64 year old policy of pretending that Jerusalem is not the *de jure* capital of Israel. Also do not expect Romney to change a 44 year old policy of opposing Israeli settlements in the occupied territories. It is clear from last night that in foreign policy, Romney will mostly continue Obama's policies, just as Obama mostly continued Bush's policies. And that is true in large part because events and constraints determine US foreign policy, not actors.





  27. Charlie, I am not so certain that willard is not a fascist. He wants business to control everything and everything would be done to favor business. Even when he said the car companies should go bankrupt he did not want federal monies to be used to help them only bank and private money to help them (of course he did not understand that there was no band or private money available at the time, even bain passed on investing!) If this isn't having the gov't run by and for business interests then what is?
    I agree about not voting for someone because of their religion. BTW did you read the endorsement of Oresident Obama by the Salt Lake City Tribune and it's scathing report on why they do not consider willard for president?

  28. BTW the "g" is not capitalized! When you keep insulting him, he gets more and more angry.
    It is you who insult time after time, but are too stupid to realize what you say. You do nothing but stage personal attacks against everyone and anyone who has a difference of opinion from you!
    g-d agaon told me he is planning on seeing you soon and you will be punished for you terrible deeds and thoughts!

  29. Eddy – my little obamaton lemming. First of all you need not yell. I realize that to your ilk, once you lose an argument lies and yelling is all you have left. But try to show civility even if it is anathema to your base beliefs.!

    I hate teachers, police, firemen? I guess you have proof of that…OH WAIT, you never have proof eddy…you just post endless histrionics and personal attacks and NEVER back up anything with a dose of reality. THAT IS FACT!!!

    Now, may I suggest you make use of that obamacare and get some thorazine – if you're covered and the committee allows it – and chill before you have a stroke. This close to election day, we wouldn't want you to be unable to vote. OH WAIT AGAIN – getting dead people to vote for him never stopped obama before!

  30. —–Original Message—–
    From: chaimdov <>.
    To: chaimdov <>.
    Sent: Sat, Oct 27, 2012 12:34 pm.
    Subject: Fwd: Election Last 10 Days – קרב המאסף של ה"רבנים למען רומני".

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Nurit Greenger <>.
    To: Nurit <>.
    Sent: Sat, Oct 27, 2012 2:29 am.
    Subject: Election Last 10 Days – קרב המאסף של ה"רבנים למען רומני".

    Published: (To Score).

    Election Last 10 Days: Rabbi Harassed, Attacked:

    Rabbi Rosenberg and 'Rabbis 4 Romney' last minute appeal to the American people, especially American Jews.


    Election Last 10 Days.

    October 26, 2012.

    Nurit Greenger

    On October 4, 2012, following an interview I held with Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg who heads' 'Rabbis 4 Romney', I published an article I called 'Obama and the other Jewish vote'

    It appears that I was the first one to have interviewed and to have published an article about Rabbi Rosenberg and his rabbis 4 Romney. Since then he has been interviewed and exposed by many media outlets and his fight for some sort of political truth has been publicized.

    Today I called up Rabbi Rosenberg to see where he is at, ten days before election. "You have started the snow ball rolling, which has brought me to the frontline of the political maze," he said.

    My main reason for calling Rabbi Rosenberg was along my deep belief that many Jews who have voted for Obama have changed their vote and will in fact vote for Romney this time around. However, I sense they do not speak out, as if they are scared to openly state and share with others their dismay with Obama's performance thus far and they will not give him a chance to do more damage.

    The first thing that came out of Rabbi Rosenberg's mouth was about the attacks, harassment and threats he has experienced since he went openly in support of Romney. The Huffington Post published the article, 'Rabbis For Romney' Founder Isn't Saying Which Rabbis Are For Romney "This article," he says, "received hundreds of talk back and comments in which I was threatened to the point where I had to go to the police and asked for their protection."

    In my opinion, the bullying tactics the Democrats and their supporters are using should scare every American. Chicago politics has taken the country by Obama storm.

    So why will you not give any name? I asked

    Rabbi Rosenberg (RR): Because they are literally scared to death to expose themselves and tell the truth. They see what I am going through with the threats and they are scared it will happen to them and thus they prefer to keep their position and opinion to themselves.

    NG: Why those who had a change of mind about Obama, and though still democrats will vote for Romney, do not come out publically to declare it? Why do they appear to be simply scared to voice their opinion?

    RR: large percentage of Jews, approximately 75%, will be voting for Obama not on the base of values' rather because of the money trail. They are doing so because they cannot bring themselves to admit that the Democratic party no longer represents the values it once had. More so, they will vote for whoever is in office who will throw federal funds for the social agencies and for federal funded positions. That means if they do not vote on that premise, they will lose their positions and jobs. For that matter, Obama, who believes and acts as if the government is the solution for everything, is their man.

    Rabbi Rosenberg is openly challenging the Republican party and the Jewish Republican Coalition (JRC) to support him in the same way the media has done. He wonders why Mr. Sheldon Adelson, who has given Romney's Super Pac abundance of funds has not dedicated some of those funds to 'Rabbis 4 Romney,' who, as Rabbi Rosenberg believes can strengthen their election campaign.

    RR: no matter how many times I have asked for the support of the mentioned above bodies I have been either turned down or I was ignored. I believe that exposing me with full page ads in the swing and critical states can still change some people's mind and bring more votes to Romney.

    NG: what do you propose to do now and until election?

    RR: I believe that Romney was too nice on the third and last debate. He did not demand an answer or even attacked Obama on what happened in Benghazi. In fact, he literally agreed with Obama on almost everything and thus I see him the loser in this debate. I hereby call for a full answer on the Benghazi cover up! Pretending it is not a cover up and a very serious matter that calls for impeachment is a travesty. If it is was a Republican president he would have been under the political bus already.

    "I call upon American Jews to develop strength and prove they have guts," Rabbi Rosenberg exclaims. "Stop pretending that by being liberals the world will become a better place; it will not! The opposite will occur. More people will be out of a job; Israel will be undermined and our beloved USA be heading toward socialism and our Founding Fathers dream of creating the most creative and free society on earth will be buried in stupidity."

    "I want the people who attacked me to know that with their attacks I only get stronger. I then see the tattooed number on my father's arm, the remnant of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp where he was detained just because he was a Jew, and I am reminded that I became a rabbi to prevent anti-Semitism, to prevent another Holocaust, to protect Israel and to shout 'Never Again'".

    "I call on the Republican Party to empower me to speak because I am most certain I will empower others to do the very same."

    NG: My question to my colleagues in the conservative movement, why don't you act on Rabbi Rosenberg's pleadings and give him the financial support? He may just deliver that very last vote that will tilt in Romney's favor and will seal his win to be the next president of the United States.

  31. Rosenberg won’t disclose the names of the rabbis who have signed on to Rabbis for Romney, he says “there is just too much hostility directed against them by too many Jews.” He told The Jewish Press that he received an email after announcing Rabbis for Romney, that said that he “should have been cremated with the rest of his relatives.” Still, he is pleased with the numbers who have signed on and with the support he has received from so many.

  32. Shabbat Shalom, Reuven! Toda Raba! I received Your Message, but when I Went To Respond, My Message Would Not Send. Please Prayerfully Consider Inviting Me To Be Your Faithful FAITHBook Friend. Thank You For This Excellent Hasbara. I Will Be Happy To Share It. Please Feel Free To Post Any Additional On My Wall, Anytime. Abundant Blessings! Your Friend, Lyn > <3 <

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